Everyone will want her home safe from any theft or anything harmful, but if you’ve implemented a security system in your home? Home alarm system is a series of electronic devices associated with the frequency of the sound, temperature, and motion sensors.

The security system is also known as a burglar alarm or alarm system disorder. This device will notify you when there is an intruder who will enter your house.

Home alarm system typically consists of a control unit, receivers, keypads, sensors, dl. Some models require low voltage wiring and some are cordless. Several types of alarms are designed for one purpose only, but there is also designed as a versatile alarm. Versatile alarms can be used to detect thieves, fires, and detect the presence of carbon monoxide gas. No home alarm systems that monitor only one area in the house, and there is also monitor several zones or regions as well.

There are several types of home alarm system: there is a sound that is loud, and there is also what makes the silent alarm but inform the police or security company via telephone. All alarm systems work to detect intruders using a detector that combines a variety of different technologies. Among others are :

• Alarm glass break detectors, alarms of this type will notify you when the glass broke. This tool is capable of detecting a voice that did not sound with a frequency of less than 20 Hz and a frequency above 20 kHz.

• Microwave Detector-Alarm device using a microwave detector that reads the changes in the microwave emissions when motion or shift causes a frequency shift in a clear voice.
• Passive Infrared Detectors (PIR): This is the most commonly used detectors, the tool is reliable and the price is quite cheap. PIR is designed to detect an intruder by measuring the temperature difference in the surrounding area both before and after the intruder.

• Ultrasonic Detector: This tool is a sound whose frequency is too high for humans to hear. Work to identify an intruder alarm with changes in the frequency of sound waves caused by motion in the monitored area.

Home without a security system has a 3X greater risk to be robbed or attacked. You certainly do not want your family to have a bad experience with violence and other abuses. So start to invest a little money and time to a home alarm system to ensure the security and safety of your family and other assets.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for you to gain knowledge and insight in terms of home security and your environment. Thank you.