Everyone would have wanted had a beautiful home, neat and comfortable place to live. One of the things that make a home comfortable is a wall paint color matching and iindah views. But if poor quality wall paint then certainly will not last long. Have walls with a paint that is free from the problems of painting has become the desire of every homeowner. For that we have to understand the various problems that often arise in the painting of the walls of the house, as well as there are some tips that can be done so that the paint can be durable.

Tips To Keep Durability Paint Wall

# 1. Choose the Right Paint Type

Wall paint can be differentiated into two types, ie paint the exterior wall and interior wall paint. Therefore, always pay attention to the type of paint that we bought. Will not be a problem if you take advantage of exterior paint for painting in the room, but unlike the case when using interior paints for use outdoors. Interior paint is not designed to withstand exposure to the sun and weather changes. To paint the outside of the house, you should always use a special wall paint exterior. Do not even be tempted to use wall paint that claims can be used for exterior and interior as well as exterior and interior paint type once only slightly more powerful than the interior wall paint.

# 2. Do Process Painting At The Right Time

Painting should be done during the day when the weather is really sunny. Wall humidity conditions will greatly affect the quality of the wall will we paint, because if the wall is too moist, clinging paint will peel more quickly than usual.

# 3. Choose Paint Colors Wall Bright

Durability of paint is really just a matter of time. Cat with a good brand over time even sure the color will fade. The difference is that the wall paint with low quality brands can begin to fade after 2 years, while the paint with a quality brand can last up to 4-5 years before it faded. Paint the walls with bright colors have less pigment than dark colored. This can be exploited to hide the effects of color fading paint. The walls were painted with brightly colored paint will not be so visible pemudarannya than the walls are painted with dark colors and dense. Therefore, try to always choose the paint with bright colors, although it can not be denied that the selection of paint colors will be affected by the character of each person.

Such tips for wall paint color can last long. Hopefully this information can be useful for us all to preserve the beauty of the look of the house which we are proud.