Do you have a basement in a house there? The basement has many functions, such as storage sheds, hiding places and others. Underground space Most Unique in the World – The basement of the antiquity of the usual built as a war bunker satasiun or subway. Will discuss the Underground Space 10 Most Unique in the World want to know what it just refer to the following article.

Some space Underground Most Unique in the World:

1; Waitomo Glow Worm Caves (Otorohanga, New Zealand)
A unique journey by boat towards Waitomo Glow-worm caves in New Zealand. Waitomo limestone cave wall structure that attract the interest of up to a million tourists per year. Waitomo cave has a length of 250 meters with underground stunning scenery. In it built the cathedral in the world famous Cavern. Incredibly amazing is the phenomenon known as “bioluminescence” generated by the millions of worm grotto. This worm issued a blue light that serves to illuminate the cave. This cave has been known by the Maori for centuries a new late 19th century it was discovered by the Europeans and then opened to the public in 1911.

2; Coober Pedy (Australia)
Coober Pedy is one of the most bizarre places in the world. Cities with the extreme heat causes about 80% of the population live and work underground. An opal mining town since 1915. There interconnected tunnels everywhere and until now mining is still ongoing. There is also a church, shops, art galleries, hotels and a wide range of office and other business centers. There are also the most unique golf courses where not a blade of grass can be seen.

3; Wieliczka Salt Mine (Krakow, Poland)
World Heritage sites are outstanding and will certainly astonish for visitors because there is no place anywhere that is comparable to this place. Wieliczka Salt Mine has been exploited continuously since the Middle Ages and created sculptures made of salt Miocene carved by miners. There is a huge cathedral carved entirely from salt including the walls, floors and decorations, and even candles Chandelier made of crystal salt. Wieliczka Salt Mine was originally in the 14th century can only be visited by people of the kingdom, but is now open to the public.

4; Capuchin Catacombs (Sicily, Italy)
There are many places to see mummies but this place is undoubtedly the most horrible place in the world to see the mummies. Often referred to as the “Museum of Death” and not without reason that there are more than 8,000 mummies from the 16th century displayed on the wall. The most bizarre objects are mummies still emit an odor. Mummies that had been rotting for years in such a way are decorated with elegant costumes, some still had flesh, hair, and even the eyes. There are also the mummy of a 2 year old child named Rosalia Lombardo mummified in 1920, known as the ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Her body is still perfectly intact to this day and lay in a glass cabinet.

5; Catacombs of Paris (Paris, France)
The more dense the cemetery in the center of Paris in the late 18th century made the local authorities are looking for an alternative to building mass graves underground. During 18 months of 1785, bones and corpses of 6 million people moved to the city’s underground tunnels at night to a new resting place. Here they are arranged in a large pile. Human bones arranged in various configurations such as a cross, face, ornaments wall or mound. This 200-mile long tunnel gallery contains millions of tiny bones and some locations open to the public.

Similarly, information on Underground Space Most Unique in the World, may increase your knowledge about the basement and advise those of you who intend to build a basement at home.