Is your house using the canopy at the front? Is something that must be considered when going to design our home, the home canopy is also important as a complement to the exterior outdoors. The canopy has a function as a protection from the heat of the sun and home decoration as well as to show a stronger impression.

It also has a function as a place of parking your vehicle such as car, motorcycle, bicycle and others. Plus protects your vehicle from rain ..

Here we try to give some examples of models canopy nice house that you can make reference to your house ::

The house’s carport canopy #Kanopi carport can also be designed in such a way. You can equate the canopy in front of the house with a canopy to the windows of your home.

#Kanopi Black 4 × 3 Canopy house with a simple form and size was the 3 × 4 meter can be a great option for the front yard of your house. Black color on his iron frame and the color of the plastic glass is also great for home paired with a standard wall paint colors such as white or gray.

#Kanopi Convex Canopies house with a convex shape is a choice of standard or common model. The surplus that is like the roof of the house that is easier for rainwater to flow down. Additionally you can design the canopy semodel with fence gates of your home.

#Kanopi Simple 3 × 5 m Canopy Home As usual simple canopy usually paired with a carport. Color selection black frame could be a good choice.

#Kanopi With white skeleton black canopy frame addition you can also use the color of the iron with white paint. Still mix with the paint color of the walls of your house yes.

That he is a model example of a good house canopies and charming that you can make reference to the canopy design your home to your house look beautiful and charming. Would be great if the canopy adapted to the theme of your home, classic or modern. Good luck!