Stains on Ceramics
To remove stains on ceramic such as flooring,bathroom and toilet is not easy, can make us hassles. In fact, maybe we can make gout recurrence.Moreover,if the stain is stubborn stains aredifficult to remove, like a splash of cement has dried,moss, crust, dull blemishes and others.

How non-natural cleaners like produk2 manufacturer,is sometimes able to clean up, but other than price that are hostile, the activeingredient can be a negative effect,among others,are corrosiv, injure skin, and gases that are emitted can be dangerous for breathing.

Tips natural, safe and certainly cheap to dislodge stubborn stains on ceramic layers is the ingredient, as vinegar. Vinegar is acidic nature can change certainsubstances that can be knocked out stubborn stains on ceramic layers with extremely effective.

The steps are:

Ceramic floor

Pour vinegar to taste on the floor contained the stains and let sit for 5 minutes,then scrub with a clean mop up.


Enter into a spray bottle mixture of vinegar and water,then spray evenly to the entire surface of the toilet, let sit a few moments,then wipe with a soft cloth or sponge. As bustingbacteria, use an anti-bacterial liquid or solution of bleach and water and flush until clean.


Enter a mixture of vinegar and water into a plastic bag, then insert the showerhead and secure with a rubber so that the shower head is submerged and leave for more than one hour.Remove the bag and let the water flow slowly,the final step is to wipe it with a clean cloth.


For treatment, spray with a mixture of water and vinegar.As for stubbornstains and dull, powdered sprinklebaking soda on the stain and let stand a few moments.Then mix the vinegar and scrub with a sponge or soft brush, a final rinse with water until clean.