In choosing furniture for home, wood is one of the materials that are still a favorite choice of many people. However, caring for organic materials such as wood is certainly not as easy as taking care of furniture from plastic materials. If not handled properly, then the risk of exposure to fungus, cracks, to eat termites can occur in your wood furniture. But no need to worry because we have some tips that can be tried alone at home.

1. Place in Dry or Normal Temperature

Continuous exposure to hot temperatures can make the wood dry and shrink, causing cracks in the wood. Keep wooden furniture away from heat-emitting appliances or places exposed to direct sunlight, especially if you live in areas with high temperatures. Not only that, moist air can also provoke the breeding of fungi or insects that are harmful to wood.

2. Move Rightly and Carefully

The habit of moving a minimalist table or chair by dragging or pulling the backrest can scratch and scrape wood as it rubs against the floor. Pulling one of his legs is also at risk of damaging the seat connection. The correct way to move wood furniture is to lift it in the cross section or the holder with care.

3. Use Alas to Minimize Damage

Although you have been careful in moving your wood furniture, sometimes the use of car furniture itself that can slowly damage the appearance. To minimize the risk of scratches or stains that make the color of dull wood and wood surface is not smooth anymore, just cover the top of the table with cloth tablecloth or table runner. As for the legs, you can flow with rugs or felt in each leg.

4. Dry Water Stains

Drinking glasses often leave a circular water stain on the wooden table surface. If left alone, this stain will remain permanently and damage the beauty of natural wood texture. How to eliminate it can be by rubbing a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda or a mixture of cooking oil and ash with a soft cloth. For a small stain, you simply wipe the mixture with your fingers. Another alternative is to burn the hazelnut seeds until the oil is out, then crush it by being pounded, then wipe it on the stain.

5. Clean Wood Furniture Periodically

Clean wood furniture at least once a month by spraying pledge or furniture upholstery to taste on the surface of wood furniture, then wipe with a cloth and let it dry. Equipment to clean this wood furniture can be found in material stores or furniture stores. If necessary, you can also do a re-finishing on wood furniture every 2-3 years so as not to look dull.

6. Use Brush or Brush for Unreachable Parts

Basically, wood furniture can be cleaned with a cotton rag only. But there are times when dust, dirt, or fungus in wooden furniture is not lifted properly because it is tucked between the cracks. Use a small, smooth brush or toothbrush to smoothen the parts.

7. Take advantage of Time Tea As Cleanser

In addition to healthy for consumption, tea has many uses, one of them as a wood cleanser. For maximum color and luster, dip a soft cloth in black tea bath, wrap the cloth, then wipe on wood furniture to clean it and let it dry.

Hopefully the above information useful for you in taking care of your furniture, thank you.