The living room is the heart of a house. In a family room every family memberr can gather and share stories.

Now is no longer his time a family room appear stiff. The living roomm is not just a room consisting of a set of sofas with a living table in the middle for the same viewing of television set on a console table.

Today’s family room is able to accommodate the activities and interests of each family member. Therefore, various things should be consideredd for convenience not only felt by parents alone but also children and even the relatives.

Then, what can be presented in a family room today so that all can enjoy its comfort?

1. Eat relaxed in the family room

2. Bring calm to the moments of contemplation
Place a comfortable seat in one corner of the room, like a lumber seat, next to a low-decked table.

A corner for warm talks while sippingg tea will feel warmer with color palettes and natural materials; such as wooden storage cabinets that match the wicker mats make the room cleaner and tidier as well.

3. Show your personal character
In order to feel more personal, bring up your personall stories. Use frames to display tickets for last season’s holiday trip or letter of memorable for example.
Do not forget to keep creating harmony by determining an accentt of color or material among other dominant objects. This personal identity can be displayed on one open storage rack.

4. One room, two functions

Combining the two functions of space and activity in one space is the right stepp in the limitation of space or land.
A sofa bed for example can make a room in the daytime into a family room, but at night into a bedroom.