Whether in the living room there is no rubber? When you visit friends or relatives to their homes, we often see some of them using a carpet in their living room decor. Tips put carpet, usually placed under the table or under sofas, depending on the area rug is used.

By adding a carpet in the living room will be creating the feel of a comfortable and luxurious in your living room. If you decide to buy a rug to add to the decor of your living room.

Tips for Choosing a Good Carpet Living Room

Tips on choosing a living room carpet :: size, matrial and motif or color. If you want to put a rug under the table, make sure you choose a carpet that is larger than your table, so there will be more space left on your carpet, if you use a small, your carpet becomes covered by the table.

Materials or matrial to make carpets are different, carpets made of nylon has easier maintenance when compared with the kind of cotton or wool, but the selection of the two types of living room carpet is best because it is environmentally friendly and suitable for families, while if you want to put the carpet is not much better in the stampede you use cotton type of carpet.

For the selection choose the color of the carpet that can support the atmosphere of the living room are going to present, while the motif, sinergiskan with designs your couch or table, if you are a plain sofa using a patterned carpet, and vice versa.

• fluffy white fur rugs and thick parlor
• Carpet turkey living room

In the living room carpet tips on selecting the most important thing is to choose the carpet that is in accordance with its functions in the living room, as well as adjust the price of the carpet you choose. Now many homes that use minimalist model homes, if you are one that uses a minimalist home design you better choose or buy a minimalist design floor mats are not many motives but have attractive colors.

Of course you should be selective in choosing carpet flooring, good tips on choosing a living room carpet above can be measured, or the ratio you choose carpet. And be a reference for you. Thank you.