Every home must have a bathroom. One room in the house that has a high frequency of exposure to water is the shower, the water will make the room more easily damp. With damp conditions will accelerate the growth of mold and mildew and cause odor. Generally, the condition of the bathroom damp occurs because the position of the bathrooms are inside without ventilation. Dank room is certainly not good for the health of residents.

Conditions dank bathroom you can avoid by doing some of the following tips:

1. Note the slope of the floor Bathroom
Note the slope of your bathroom. This is to avoid the puddles. Normally tilt bathroom 2-3 percent towards the drainage. Each 1 meter of horizontal distance there is a height difference of 2-3 cm. Put the drainage hole in the corner of the bathroom floor. Also use the filter cover large drainage to avoid clogged due to clogged dirt. Close filters tenuous also easier to clean.

2. Clean the circulation holes regularly
Make sure you clean the ventilation holes regularly. Dust attached to the air holes would impede the airways. If rarely cleaned dirt may accumulate up to close the circulation holes. If you use an exhaust fan regularly clean the fan cover and propellers. Especially if you use the filter ventilation in the form of wire gauze. Small gauze nets which are vulnerable to dust nesting place.

3. Use a ceramic quick-drying
Type ceramics for the bathroom is different from the ceramic to the other room. When building using the bathroom tile floor that is easy to dry after being exposed to water. It can help not easy damp bathroom.

4. Use Exhaust Fan
Install the exhaust fan or the type of ceiling mount (ceiling-mounted). Exhaust fan is used to suck moist air and throw it out. Make sure there are ventilation holes in the space between the roof and ceiling so that moist air does not go back to the bathroom.

5. Reduce the water content in the bathroom
Reduce water storage in the bathroom. If you are still using the tub or bucket to collect water should be left that way. Replace the tub / shower with a bucket so that no water storage when not in use the bathroom. This can reduce the moisture, while saving and avoiding the mosquito larvae.

These tips are suitable to be applied in a small house or a minimalist home. Most homes today are applying the bathrooms are small, so it is almost always wet every use