You’ve tried to put your own house door key, but sometimes difficult because it did not know how. Doors are an important part of the house, the door is the security of your home. Without intending to eliminate beauty, key installation can cause a sense of security when you are in or out of the house.

Nowadays there are various forms and famous brands, from lock to lock considering the cheap price. It’s okay to buy door locks with high prices, are suggested even buy a lock that has a national standard, a minimum requirement relating to the security of your home.

Any high price of key, but if the installation is not correct, then there is no point. Then how to install door locks that correct? Let us follow the following explanation:

1. Prepare some equipment such as measuring instruments, pencils, rulers elbow, saws, planners, electric drill, wood chisel 2 – inch and 1 inch.
2. Then prepare your door, lock and equipment.
3. The first step is to measure the width and height of the door frame. Whether it’s a standard size door.
4. Measure the width and height of the door sills measures in accordance with the results. If the size of the door too wide, then adjust the size of the door using a planner. This work must be neat and straight. Check back if completed, if the same size of the door frame holes, it means that it is correct.
5. The next step is in accordance with the size of the hole in the door lock. High and low key positions tailored to your condition, meaning this way, the average in Indonesia, a key high position about 90 cm or 100 cm. Measure the key to be inserted into the key hole, marked with a hole the size of a pencil.
6. Punch a hole through the door marked earlier on the use of wood chisel. Keep keys neatly in a hole that allows you to enter a key.
7. When you have finished, plug the key in the last section, use screws to tighten. If you do not know how to install the key, you should read the user guide in a lock box or ask the seller.
8. Punch is also part of the frame in accordance with a key tongue.

Then you can try to lock the door, whether the installation is correct or not.

Such tips on how to install the door lock to his own home. I am sure after reading this article you can do it yourself properly. Good luck!