If you are a contractor, fair worker or utilities professional, you probably understand the need to secure the job site. It keeps your equipment and the public safe from harm. What simple and effective techniques can you use to get this done?


Putting up fencing is the most labor intensive and time consuming security countermeasure on this list, but it is well worth it. Nothing protects better than a barrier. You can either carry your own fencing with you, or rent on site. Either way, you want something sturdy yet lightweight. Another important characteristic to look for is non conductive fence material, especially if you are erecting it around equipment that uses electricity. This should be one of the first things you do, and don’t forget to add a lock.


An unmarked site can be as confusing as it is tempting for the passerby. If the repercussions aren’t known, people may be more likely to go snooping. Put up large and colorful signage that identifies the area, gives relevant information and warns against entry. It is more effective if printed on a sturdy, reflective surface- that way it can be seen at night, as well.

Security Cameras

Cameras have become more mobile and inexpensive than ever, so it is easy to set up a wireless feed. There are video products that can fit almost any set of circumstances: battery powered, with lighting or motion activated. You can even control or view them from your phone or tablet. Cameras can act as both a deterrent and provide evidence if a crime is committed.

It isn’t hard to create a protective barrier around your work area, so be sure not to skip out on any security measures and regret it later. Once you get in the routine of setting up at the start of every job, you won’t even notice the extra work.