There’s nothing like getting away with your best gal pals to refresh you and affirm your friendships. If you’re the one in charge of planning the trip, there are a few things you can do to make the planning and the getaway itself safer, more memorable and more relaxing for everyone.

The Perfect Place To Stay

The best place to stay will depend mostly on the people going with you. If your group loves the night life, you may consider renting a condo in a busy metropolitan area. If you want a more mellow trip, rentals on quiet beaches in North Carolina may be a better choice. Don’t always assume you know what your friends want. Ask them what kind of weekend they want to have, and book your stay accordingly.

The Perfect Itinerary

Just as the best location depends on your group, so does the best schedule. When it comes to finding things to do, however, focus on what your girlfriends need, not just what they want. A fun-filled weekend with lots of activities may sound great during the excited chat about it. When the weekend arrives after a long, hard week at work, however, your packed itinerary may just be more things that have to be endured rather than enjoyed. It’s a good idea to have a few things set aside as possibilities, but make sure you leave plenty of downtime as well.

The Perfect Budget

With a group trip, there are likely going to be many expenses that everyone shares. Agree on an amount per person, and make sure your plans fall within that limit. It’s also a good idea to purchase travel insurance. While it’s best if everyone purchases their own insurance, it’s definitely important for you as the main planner so that you don’t get stuck with the bill if someone bails.

A girls’ weekend is supposed to be relaxing. By planning a little ahead of time, you can make sure that everyone has what they need to have a good time.