Wondering how you can get your kids to put down the electronics and spend some time outside? Use these three tips to guide you as you turn your backyard into a playful paradise for kids.

1. Upgrade the Lawn

Part of creating an ideal backyard for kids should include getting your lawn in excellent shape. After all, sometimes kids just want to run, jump and roll in the grass and burn off some excess energy. Improve your grass with quality lawn seeds Kissimmee FL. Grass seeds can be planted at several times throughout the year depending upon the region where you live. Your kids will appreciate having a lush, green carpet for outdoor play.

2. Add Privacy

Privacy is an important consideration for any backyard, and it’s especially crucial if you want your kids to spend plenty of time outdoors. There are a few ways to add instant privacy to your yard, such as installing a fence or a permanent wall. If you want a more natural look, though, consider planting bamboo. Bamboo grows very quickly, giving you a green wall in less time than it would take to get hedges or trees to fully mature.

3. Include Fun Elements

If your kids need a little extra push to head outside and get moving, consider adding some fun features to your backyard. Younger kids love elements like a custom playground or a sandbox, while older kids appreciate something that offers more of a challenge, such as a backyard obstacle course. Always be sure to put safety first and cover your play areas with a layer of soft fill like play sand or rubber mulch.

Outdoor play is crucial to the healthy development of all children. Encourage activity and movement by following these tips and giving your kids a backyard renovation that’s just for them.