Many years ago, wells were hand dug to provide water for homes. This was considered an improvement from making trips to the river or creek to carry water. Buckets were attached to a rope and rolled down into the well to get water. Today, the process is much more sophisticated with equipment that can drill hundreds of feet to access water.

Pure and Clean Water

When a well is drilled deep enough, the water is refreshing and free of the chemicals used by cities and municipalities to treat water. City water is often treated with chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, and various other chemicals to destroy harmful bacteria. However, when the water leaves the processing plant to get to your home, it travels through miles of pipes, and bacteria comes along. The chemicals put in the water to kill this bacteria lessen in concentration along the journey as well.

If you have a well, the distance the water travels to your home is far less. There are no chemicals added, so the water is naturally filtered, is softer, and just tastes better. This is one of the reasons that many people are choosing to have wells drilled when they build a home. An example of a company that provides well drilling tampa fl is Hillsborough Pump and Well.

The Cost of City Water

Another reason that you may decide to choose well water rather than city water is the cost. Prices go up constantly, and water bills are no exception. If you and your family use a lot of water, this is an expense that can increase rapidly. Perhaps you have a pool. An average pool will hold from 18,000 to 20,000 gallons of water. If you have a sprinkler system, this can cause the water bill to be higher. With a well, the only thing you are paying for is the electric to run the pump.

Using well water is a way of going green. Since it is filtered naturally, there are no chemicals to go back into the environment. Making use of a natural resource without polluting the environment is a responsible approach.