While you and your furry friend are out and about this summer, remember to protect your pets from the heat of the long summer days. Here are three ways to keep your furry feline or canine friend summer safe.

Shaving Can Result in Problems

During the hot, humid summer months you want to do what is best for your canine or feline friends but shaving their hair in an attempt to cool them off is not a good thing. Keeping the fur on your pet is one of several safe tick control methods. Not only does shaving allow ticks and fleas to attach to the skin more easily, but the unprotected skin can be easily damaged by the harmful rays of the sun in as little as 10 minutes. If you are worried about overheating, brush the loose hair out of your pet’s fur more often and give them lots of water.

Fireworks Can Cause Anxiety

Depending on the area of the country you live in, the summer months often have many celebrations that conclude with a firework display that shoots across the sky. Your pet does not care about the beauty of the moment; rather, your furry friend may become disoriented, anxious, and upset over the percussive waves, the loud noises, and the sudden lights. Don’t leave your dog alone when fireworks are going off in the area.

Cars Can Be Big Trouble

Do not leave your pet in an unattended car in the summer heat, not even for a short run into a convenience store for a drink. If you leave the windows down a crack, the temperature can still rise rapidly within the car and in about ten minutes move from 80 degrees to over 100 degrees – even when you are parked in the shade.

Your four-legged friend relies on your protection. Guard your furry friends by following the above three summer safety tips and keep him or her happy and safe all summer long.