From monopolizing the hot water supply to borrowing your clothes, a teenage girl can take over a home. If you have one or more of these young ladies, you may feel overwhelmed. Using these three tips can help you manage the chaos.

Keep a Supply of All Things Girl

It is no secret that teen girls use plenty of personal care products, but you may be surprised at how fast they go through them. Having a stockpile of these products will prevent panic from setting in when she runs out of something. Designate a shelf in a linen closet, bathroom cupboard, or pantry to store a number of items like shampoo, razors, and deodorant. With one central location, you’ll be able to monitor the supply and keep it replenished.

Maintain a Steady Supply of Hot Water

Long showers seem to be a favorite of teenagers, leaving little hot water for the rest of the family. Parents can insist on quicker showers, but that typically falls on deaf ears. A guaranteed supply of hot water is the ideal solution. By doing a search for something like tankless water heater installation San Ramon CA in your area, you can purchase a permanent remedy for this situation.

Find Places to Hide Sought-after Items

Teenage girls tend to help themselves to everything in the house, no matter who it belongs to. Even dads don’t escape this, as daughters may love the oversized look of his favorite t-shirt. Hiding the items your teen covets will avoid having to hunt them down. Hang desirable clothes in the back of your closet behind the ones your daughter would not be caught dead in, or camouflage shoes by stowing then in a cardboard box marked “books.”

Raising teen girls can be challenging and avoiding arguments over minor issues may help maintain peace. Keeping your daughters supplied with necessities and protecting some of your personal belongings can help life go more smoothly for everyone.