Living in the 21st century means that there’s a lot of technology available for the home. However, many people haven’t taken the time to research what is possible. Bring your home into the future with these simple upgrades.


No matter what type you have, putting shades up and down by hand can be a major hassle. The slats get wonky, the strings get tangled and sometimes they get stuck on their way down. All of this frustration can be erased by simply installing some motorized shades new jersey. Feel free to stay seated on your lazy boy while you use the remote to adjust how much light you allow to beam into your house.


One of the worst spring cleaning tasks is cleaning out the refrigerator. It takes patience and precision to avoid making a bigger mess in the process. With the invention of the self cleaning refrigerator, you’ll never have to again. Some models can even monitor the amount of food you have. Don’t forget to rotate out expired food, though, this fridge can’t work miracles or take out the trash for you.


If you’ve got more than one switch in a room, you probably play the which-switch-is-which game daily, no matter how long you’ve lived in your abode. Remove the guess work by installing a floor plan light switch. This genius contraption shows you a touch screen with the floor plan of your house, so you choose the lighting by room and brightness. This even allows you to turn lights on and off in room that you aren’t currently standing in.

You can feel a little bit like the Jertsons once you start adding some of these modern features. Technology exists to make your life easier, so the best place for it is inside of your home. Your house may end up being smarter than you, eventually.