toolsMilled wood essentially refers to pieces of wood sent through a milling machine. This changes those pieces from ordinary blocks or planks or wood into elaborately decorated pieces that you can use in projects around your home. Depending on how much you like the look of wood, you might invest in a millport milling machine, rent one of these machines or just buy the wood already decorated. Even if you have less experience than other carvers and millers do, you’ll still find some fun and easy ways to decorate with milled wood.

Make an Outdoor Bench

As long as you have two wood chairs that are the same height and shape, you can make a cute outdoor bench. Remove the cushions and any padding from the top of the chairs. Place the two chairs a short distance apart. The further the chairs are apart, the longer the bench will be. Place a piece of milled wood directly on top of the chairs. Secure this wood board in place with nails, staples or screws. You can then paint the chairs and the wood any color you might like. Apply a coat of clear sealant when using the bench outside, or add a few colorful throw pillows when using the bench indoors.

Floating Shelves

Milled wood has a decorative look that makes the planks perfect for using as floating shelves. You can actually pick up metal brackets from any home improvement store. These brackets consist of a long piece of metal that you affix to the wall and shorter metal pieces that stick straight out. You’ll need to drill holes in your plank and slip those holes over the shorter metal pieces. Use just one shelf as a focal point or opt for multiple planks to increase your storage.

Note Board

Create your own note board with a piece of plywood, some chalkboard or whiteboard paint and four smaller pieces of milled wood. Sand the plywood until it feels completely smooth to the touch before applying two or more coats or paint. You can then nail the milled boards around the edges and attach a piece of wire to the back for hanging. This simple board is great for writing down menus, keeping track of schedules or leaving notes for your family. Use these projects to decorate your home with beautiful pieces of milled wood.