Definition and function of traditional house. For most people the following article may be less attractive and not much penyukanya. But according to the author’s own actual information about the definition and function of traditional house is very important to note because it is part of our culture that deserves to remain preserved its existence until later. Yes at least we know at a glance the information to then be preserved for posterity the nation’s next next. So definitely good article writer now lost ga benefit us all like Definition Function House Live then on earlier on this site.

In my opinion, that is a definition of traditional house building to function as a place of community living past with Image Design House Live architectural styles vary according to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach region. So we can be sure of traditional houses have characteristics of each region is different and has its own uniqueness. The style of the building has a value of its own beauty and artistic value was dazzling, especially in the carvings and wood used to build the custom home. Well if that is the sense of the author’s own pattern. Each person must have a different view. However, basically function remains a traditional house as a place to stay for the community first.

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