I’m sure a lot of people who have never seen a house Tribal Eskimo unique, you need not go to the poles, here’s a little review: Nation Eskimos who live in circumference above the north pole has a unique house called igloos, in say unique because the whole house made of ice and half-round shape (Dome) and the entrance door in the form of a cylinder. Like other human needs of the home, the Eskimos also have reason membuatIgloo to shelter from the cold, wild animals (wild animals such as polar bears).

Building Igloo is memilikikonstruksi strong because it is made with ice that is not easy to melt and they make igloos time when winter is coming so it can be said if this type of house is a house temporary only winter time because when the warm season (summer / summer) Igloo will melt. The temperature in the house is warm and comfortable enough Iglo livable and unaffected suhudiluar which can be up to -45 degrees Celsius and all the activities carried out in the house.

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