What does it mean for your home? Every human being must need a place to stay and spend time with loved ones, which is why the house became the basic human needs. Like any other basic needs, the fulfillment of the needs of home as a place and an absolute must to be met, house currently has a diverse models and forms due tailored to the needs penguninya.
Here is a definition and the definition of home:
The house is for residential buildings or buildings in general
The house is a shelter from the rain. The house is a shelter from the scorching sun. The house is a place of rest. Home is where families gather together, tell stories, eat and pray together
The house is a building that serves as a place to stay and gather a family. The house is also a place the whole family dwelling and perform routine activities of daily traffic system
# MUHAMMAD Khoirudin
The house is the basic human needs
The house is a place to rest and to fix the soul and body
# MONA sintia, SP
The house is the heart of life that should be a source of peace, source of inspiration and a source of energy for its owners
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