Many homeowners have an attached garage, but they continue to park in the drive. This results in mornings spent scraping ice and trying to get the car warm. It also submits the vehicle to the elements which can prematurely age the body of the car. The reason they keep putting up with these inconveniences is because they have let their garage become a catch-all for clutter. It might be time to reclaim this space for the car.

Clean It Up

The first step to regaining control of your garage is to clean it up. Consider putting a shed up on your property where you can store items like lawn mowers and garden tools. Throw away all of that stuff that got tossed in the garage but hasn’t been touched since. These two steps will open it up immensely. Continue removing everything until it is completely empty.

Add Storage Solutions

There is going to be plenty of items left over that you don’t want to throw away. Find ways to store these things without taking up the entire garage. Bicycles can be hung on ceiling racks and tools can be hung on pegboards. Use shelves to take advantage of vertical space rather than covering up the floor. Check out your local home improvement store for more ideas.

Make Repairs

If the garage doesn’t function properly, you still won’t use it. The door needs to open easily with a working opener. If you need professional help in fixing your garage door denton has many professional available. You also want an even floor without cracks. Consider having a new garage floor installed as well for both beauty and safety.

Once the garage is cleaned up and restored to a functional state, it can be used once more for its intended purpose. It can keep your vehicles protected against the elements and allow you to come and go without having to deal with the rain or scrape ice and snow away.