Development along the coast continues to grow despite the recent strong hurricanes causing exponentially more damage every year. Many buildings are now being built higher off the ground near water to prevent some flood damage. However, a higher building also means more stairs to climb. Carrying heavy items or helping the disabled and elderly into their homes becomes more difficult the higher the home is. A cargo lift or elevator can help with the problems arising from higher living structures.


Material lifts or cargo lifts are open metal units that move vertically to allow transport of goods or people generally from the outside. Between climate change and rising sea levels, coastal communities are changing. The construction industry works hard to make sure their homes and businesses can resist powerful storms. Adding a material lift to your lifted residential structure can better your quality of life.


Elevators are traditionally used in high rise residential homes but can be an option for some homeowners. For those who want a sleek design and have the additional money to spend, an elevator can offer the vertical mobility you need.


The steel structures have a stable and safe design. The strong metal can hold as much as one thousand pounds. Easily move furniture, wheelchair-bound residents and groceries without having to navigate the stairs. Save your back and make life more pleasant with a material lift. Using quality materials though doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to increase your mobility.


Unlike an elevator, a material lift is not an enclosed unit which is ideal for those prone to claustrophobia or large items that need more space. Add a safety gate to further increase the safe space provided by the cargo lift.

Part of living on the coast is enjoying the beautiful home and looking out over the ocean. Increase your standard of living with a cost-effective material lift.