Nothing beats the heat better than a dip in your outdoor swimming pool. Therefore, practicing routine maintenance to keep the area looking great, and the pool working efficiently is a wise investment.

With these five simple swimming pool improvements, ranging from basic cleaning to fountain repair Sarasota FL, you can ensure plenty of outdoor recreation for years to come.

1. Decorate Your Surroundings

The options for outdoor decor and furnishings are plentiful, whether you are looking to create a beach theme or highlight a specific design element. If your existing arrangement is showing signs of wear and damage, it might be time to replace the old with the new and create an environment that suits your current taste.

2. Bring Life to the Water

Adding water features such as fountains, jets, or waterfalls is an incredible way to bring life into your pool area and increase the soothing effects that water can have. With the proper installation and regular upkeep, you can take your outdoor experience to new heights and delights.

3. Brighten and Illuminate

Extend the party throughout the night by installing creative lighting in and around your outdoor retreat. Available in a variety of colors and applications, glittering lights can float on the water or be immersed to create a sea of blue and green. Install wall sconces and subtle ground lighting as well for a safe and beautiful environment under the stars.

4. Filter, Clean and Maintain

It may seem obvious, but many people underestimate the importance of basic cleaning and maintenance. Ensuring your filters are clear and operational and scheduling routine upkeep helps prevent issues from developing and identifies potential problems before they become serious.

5. Cultivate a Garden of Paradise

You have the lights and bubbling fountain, so now it is time to complete your garden of paradise with lush ferns, swaying palms and grassy retreats. Through well-planned landscaping, you can establish areas of natural shade, stimulate the senses with floral scents, and enhance relaxation as you listen to the breeze in the leaves.