Owning your own home is a big achievement, and it can also be a larger responsibility than you may realize. Make sure you take proper care of your investment by keeping up with these routine maintenance tasks that many homeowners overlook.

Maintain Your Septic System 

Many older homes and those in rural areas have private septic systems to handle household wastewater. Located underground, they filter solids from liquids and ensure that biological waste doesn’t contaminate the surrounding area. While many people don’t really consider the septic system as a household system that needs routine maintenance, taking the time to have it checked every few years could save you a lot of trouble down the road. Septic tank draining and cleaning is something you want to schedule ahead of time, not in the case of an emergency backup.

Inspect Your Roof and Gutters

Your roof is another item that may be out of sight and out of mind. However, you don’t want to wait until a heavy downpour to find out that yoru roof is not up to the challenge of keeping the weather out. Shingle roofs should be checked annually for missing or lifting shingles and areas with excessive wear. The seams and fasteners on metal roofs should be secure and sealed. Gutters should be clean and free of debris so water can be channeled away from your home.

Drain Your Water Heater 

Taking the time to drain your water heater once a year will help keep sediment from building up in the water storage tank and may extend the life of your unit. You can use a bucket or attach a hose to the drain valve and simply open it up. Make sure you turn the water heater off first and allow it to fill before using hot water.

Clean Your Dryer Vent 

Keeping your dryer vent clean can help with a couple of things. First, your dryer will most likely run more efficiently with a clean vent hose. It will also be safer. Dryer lint is highly combustible, so a clogged vent line can be a fire hazard. Pull the dryer out from the wall about once a year and clear out any lint that has gotten past the machine’s filter screen to help it run its best.