Do you know what you should do and prepare when you inngin painting the walls of your home? Repainting walls of the house should not be done at random. Various problems in the wall paint is often encountered as a result of the lack of proper staining procedures.

Consider the following before painting the walls, painting the walls of the house so that the results can be optimized and is not problematic in the future. The stages of workmanship painting walls of the house can also be used as a guide for those who are learning to paint the walls of their own homes.

** Stages of Wall Painting **

1: It is important to know the walls need disekrap or not. To find out, kuaskan water on the surface of the water and wait until some time. If the surface of the walls appear bubbles, then the wall should disekrap.

2: Clean the wall surface to be painted by using warm water, then wait for it to dry before you make the process of painting the house.

3: To save the use of paint and close the pores of the wall, preferably using plamir. Paint the walls of the house with plamir, after a wall or part of which will be in the paint has dried, then wait for it to dry.

4: Paint the walls of the house with the white base paint, or can also be painted with the desired paint color as much as 2 layers of paint, and then wait for it to dry.

Paint the house itself sometimes give its own preoccupations. We can express our creativity through color space according to our wishes. Dare you to try to paint the house itself, because by following the steps of painting over the end result will not be too look good or bad although not actually bad because it is done by a professional painter.

Similarly, information regarding the Note About This Before Paint Walls, may be your recommendations before painting your house. Paint Congratulations!