Simple minimalist design Ideal Family

Everyone will want to have or own a dream house, the house is gorgeous, beautiful, beloved family created in accordance with what it wanted. Simple minimalist design is the answer, with a minimalist home design you will find satisfaction.

Where with a simple structure, and the costs that could be considered minimalist (spending the least cost) you are able to see what you want. This minimalist house has been popular among the people. Besides cost, the design of the interior and exterior of the house is very attractive minimalist and comfortable.

The architectural style is minimalist enough to show the elements needed only simple, but still has not lost its elemental luxurious and elegant. Here we provide some distinctive characteristics of a minimalist home is divided into two elements, namely from the scope of the Interior and exterior.

1. Characteristics of a Minimalist Home Interior:

  • The room is open and minimize partitioning wall
  • The use of cornices and carved ornaments
  • Using furniture that is simple, plain, unequivocal
  • Using a play of light (to avoid the impression of monotony

2. Characteristics of Exterior Minimalist:

  • Have geometric lines and shapes firm
  • their looping vertical and horizontal lines
  • The setting is minimalist lanscape
  • flat roof

I hope this article is helpful for you