Do you feel the use of air conditioner nearly 24 hours with the room windows closed to prevent dust from entering into the room ?. In fact, the room will remain dusty because dust still breed indoors.

Wash the sheets and pillow cases least once a week, use a vacuum cleaner is the easiest way you can do. But if you are lazy to clean the room, there are several ways to prevent dust from entering your room:

1. Avoid richly carved furniture
Use furniture minimalist style to complement your room. Minimalist style furnishings tend to be more simple and firm without much detail. While the furniture with carved detail can become a nest of dust. Dust can stick in the corners carved and often difficult to clean because it was stuck. Likewise, avoid piling up goods such as books and magazines in the room.

2. Avoid using cotton mattress
Cotton mattress will be the main source of dust in the room. Especially if it has been used for a long time. Use spring bed and pillows and bolsters made of dacron to minimize the presence of dust in the room.

3. Ban pet entry
Do not let your pets get into the room, even if they never play outside the house. Smooth fur is plastered with dust and dirt. If you go into your room, dust from pet dander will move into your mattress.

4. No Sofa
Avoid placing the sofa in the bedroom. If you want to add a seat, use a wooden or plastic material that is easy to clean. It could also replace the sofa with bean bag containing sand lycra. Usually bean bag filled with sand lycra has a more subtle surface. The smooth surface will minimize dust clinging.

5. Use a damp cloth to clean
To clean dust in the room do not just use a feather duster or a dry cloth, but use a damp cloth. Clean furniture 2-3 times with a wet cloth. This is to avoid the floating dust across the room to the other.

6. Minimize mounting or other paintings
Minimization of the addition of interior spaces such as the installation of paintings, drawings, photographs framed on the wall, or sculptures made from wood. The dust will stick in the exhibits small as it is, while we often forget to clean it regularly.

In addition to the above methods, for cleaning the floors also stages:
First, broom floor with a damp mop to dust of dried participate wet and clumping. Dust that has clot will be easier to clean and does not fly.
Second, the dust broom with a broom usual.
Third, mop the floor with a deodorizer back floor.