Many people design homes with classic or modern style, but there is also a design house with a unique design and attractive. Our home is usually the place to shelter from the threat or a variety of things we rest home buildings usually depends on its shape, well what if we build a house with a unique shape well here there are 7 homes Most Unique in the World, just want to know what house it?

see the following reviews:

1. Kettle House
Kettle House Texas, United States not only looks like kettles, but also can function properly.
This house remarkably similar shape as kettles drinks but only the shape just like it actually means the house can be occupied like a house, the houses are located in Texas, United States

2. Stone House
The original stone house in Portugal are made of natural stone that is deliberately created to be a very unique home not shape but believe the house is really no occupants.

3. Crooked House
If you see the shape of house building is certainly very strange-looking curved shape makes this house became the home of the most unusual in the world.

4. Cubic House
Cubic houses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is a collection of houses which together form the geometry of a cube. Interesting factor here is how the house is maintained so as not to fall.

5. Dome House
Dome House Florida, USA, is a view of a beautiful white house with a unique dome architecture.

6. Cob House
Cob House in Vancouver, Canada this house made of pure clay, sand, straw and water. very unique was not anyone would want living in mobile homes like this.

7. Shoe House
House Shoes in Pennsylvania, USA This house is very similar to the shoe knows what is in the owner’s house sehinnga make a house with shape of the shoe.

Although strange, but incredible is not it? I am sure those who have great ideas is an exceptional person. Hopefully this article useful for you to add insight and knowledge in life. Thank you