The dining room became one of the rooms where family members gathered.It used to be used only for meals, but as time went by, the diningroom often had other functions as a gathering place for family members to eat,to talk seriously,to just casual conversation.

Because you who have a tiny house can actually present their own diningroom.Even because the dining room is narrow, the family atmosphere at meal or gathering becomes more pronounced because there is no distancebetween one family member and the other.Well for those of you who are interested to create a dining room in your tinyhouse,here are Easy Tips Setting a Narrow Dining Room Design:

1.The next tips for arranging the design of a narrow dining room is to choose the color of the room paint. In order to feel fresh,use a brightly colored dining room wall paint.You can use white, light blue, light green,pink or beige as the color of the livingroom wall.The combination of 2 colors is also not a bad thing. You can combine pink with white, light green with white and others.

2.Tips to arrange the design of the next narrow diningroom is the determination of the color of ceramics. Customize the color of the ceramic with the wall color.Do not use dark ceramic colors for the dining room design feels more spacious.As a complement, you can avoid windows on the walls of the room.Choose a window that size is not too large because the windowfunction here is just untu light enhancer.

3.For design affairs,most people think the design of a small diningroom would be unpleasant.Given the limited size of the room, we can be sure we can not put too much furniture because the room will feel crowded.But that does notmean you can not create a comfortable dining room is not it? Hopefully this article useful.