2017 has come, it is time you consider replacing the atmosphere of the house so that your life is more vibrant and comfortable. The first step started with changing the color of the interior of your home. In 2017 this will be the trend palette of colorful gems. Dramatic effects of these strong colors will be able to give the impression of luxury and comfortable in your rooms. If you do not want the room is too dark, you can simply give a touch of color gems on one side of the wall of the room.

Here we recommend the four color palettes gems that can inspire your interior renovation:

1. Metallic Gold Color
Gold metallic colors can also be combined with red, brown and other neutral colors. Add a combination of shiny and warm impression in gold. The bright yellow color options can be energizing at the beginning of the year which is identical with the cold weather. You can combine amber with a choice of a darker accent color or neutral colors in order to feel warmer. Gold metallic colors can also be combined with red, brown and other neutral colors. Then fill the room with materials such as thick carpet, chandelier pearl and wood furnishings.

2. Bright Red Color
Create a warmer room with a combination of bright red and dark pink. Both of these colors can give the impression of firm but seductive in your room. Try to apply this paint color on interior doors. Then add the handle with a touch of crystal and brass materials to create beautiful shades and luxurious. In addition to the door, the warm red color is also suitable applied in the dining room. Psychologically, the color red can stimulate energy and a good appetite. Combine a romantic ruby ​​red color with pale gray or dark wood material which makes the room seem luxurious.

3. Natural Color
The combination of natural colors such as dark and mysterious blue galaxies and dark green gives the impression of luxury and stunning on the interior walls. To make it more natural, color palettes can be combined with bright orange or warm color of the timber.
Malachite or dark green color is also a hot choice to give a graceful touch to the bedroom. Want more dramatic? Pair with a ruby ​​red color palette to emphasize the jewel of the maximum.

4. Blue Sapphire Color
Still associated with colorful gemstones, do not hesitate to give a touch of blue sapphire on your wall. Colors are rich in texture can give maximum effect on your room.
Sapphire blue hue synonymous with lustrous metal also gives the impression of a bright in the room. Add accessories with colorful or material bronze, copper, gold and pale to give a dramatic blend.