Furniture and furniture that always looksnew and shiny surely is the dream of everyoneBut do you know how to be able to continue to keep it?

It turns out there are easy and inexpensive to do so.There are herbs that can create visible varnished back glowing, pecan.
Kemiri is a plant whose seeds used as a source of oil and spices.In interstate commerce known as Candleberry, Indian walnut, and Candlenut.The tree is called the tree varnish or kukui nut tree. The oil extracted from its seeds is useful in the industry to be used as a mixture of paint.

How to use pecan also rated very simple.The Kemiri in bubukkan or pounded until smooth, then the collision pecan was inserted into a piece of cloth.Then press or massage package containing pecan mash it. It does not take much energy, until the pecan parcel remove the oil from the pores of fabric.Oil of crushed hazelnut For scrubbing is necessaryfurniture in your house. It is certain furniture in your home and would be back in sparkling like new. Unbelievably easy is not it?