The window is one important element of the beauty of the house. This applies to a largehouse or a house minimalist.In a region that has a tropical climate,the window often experience problems weathered and termite attack.

Here are the steps For maintain thebeauty and the beauty of the window.
material selection window since the beginning of the beginning of the important. Better should start with a good quality wood.

Create a window which is made of wood and not infrequentlyexposed to rain splash,
Good quality wood which are closely linked together with the durability of the windows of houses. The more durable wood, it will be good to use as a window.

Most excellent timber quality amalgamated and windowsshould be covered with paint for avoiding weathering.

Coat of paint makes it easy to close the pores of the wood along the water itself was not easilyseep into the pores of the wood.

There is no harm in using a coating material wood window wallpaint especially before applying ordinary wood paint.

Surely that paint used for coating wooden windows which must have a matching color with paint timber.

Practical steps for avoiding termite attack can also be done on the process window
with carrying out preventive action in the form of a liquid coating material special antirayap against the window.

Not only that, for avoiding any termite infestation able together using lime wood.
Hot air from lime wood termites can cause lasting not linger in your home beautiful window.