Is your house door made of wood? Or made of glass? Almost all types of buildings has elements of both the doors of the house, supermarket, office buildings, and other buildings. The function of the door itself is as a media liaison from one room to another room in the house.

If related denganmodel door, the door serves as a place out of the house itself as well as to maintain the privacy of the occupants of the house, for example, the door to the bedroom and out of the bedroom. So the function of the line connecting door between rooms that are generally separated permanently. With the door to another room then access will be easier and more practical.

# Type Doors

As stated above, the door is no longer just a liaison between the living room, but the door is equipped with the latest technology and the price varies able to demonstrate the social identity of the owner of the house. Here are the types and models of door we need to know:

• Sliding door
If applied to a home or office building, often referred to as a sliding door sliding door. How to open or close the house door model is of course we already know that by sliding the door to the left or right side. The sliding door itself is generally used as a link between a narrow space because it does not require a swing when opening or closing. The sliding door is also widely used in some furniture such as cabinets, buffets, or shop because it looks likely to be more practical and presentable. Type of sliding door installation deficiency is usually more difficult because of dense pads membutuhan to hang the doors are generally made of iron glass. Not to mention if the wheels slid out of the way, definitely will not be comfortable.

• Folding doors
Model house door is almost similar to the sliding doors, folding doors is also found in the bedroom generally. Open or closed as well by shifting. Because the doors are designed to fold kind of door can be opened wider than the sliding doors. Type folding doors are often used in living rooms are generally open to the garage door or the garden area behind the house. The drawback, folding doors require vertical space to put some doors that can fold into. In the easily accessible rail lines that interfere with a smooth dirt when the door mechanism is opened or closed.

• Doors Swing (Swing Door)
This type of door, including the door and the majority of the most commonly used to model any building. The door swings often called the butterfly, which is kind of unusual door is opened or closed by means pushed or pulled back using the mechanism of one or two rounds to close or open the door of the house model of this type. Almost all home use because the swinging door hinges are easier to install. Swinging door also does not require sleep so maintenance is easier. On the negative side, these doors require space enough room to swing the door when opening or closing.

• Automatic doors
Among all models door, automatic doors is the most advanced types of doors. The door is also called smart door widely used in office buildings, hotels and shopping malls. The door will automatically open or close automatically if there is movement of people who want to enter or exit the room. In addition, the house door model can automatically maintain a steady temperature inside and outside the room so as not to mix. Shortcomings, will lead to long queues if a lot of people who want to go out or come in simultaneously.

Similarly, information regarding the type and model of house doors, hopefully you can find a model of the right door for your home to look beautiful and strong. Thank you