Everyone would want a garden in his yard. Although the friend is not a major component in the home, but the park is an important element to create the comfort of your home. One of the plants used to beautify the garden is grass.
In addition to the beauty, the grass is also useful to prevent erosion, reduce dust in the soil and reduce the high temperatures. There are various types of grass used, including:

Elephant grass
Type of elephant grass is the most inexpensive and can live even though in a less water. This grass is easy to grow and resistant to the footrest, therefore suitable for rumahyg park is often used as a place people passing by. For slaughtering must be done every 2 weeks. Because if not, the grass will look less good with the shape and size of leaves are large and coarse.

Elephant grass Mini
Mini elephant grass has smaller leaves than the usual elephant grass. This grass can still grow well even with 50% of solar radiation, and therefore very suitable if planted in places difficult to reach the sun. Cutting performed at least 1 month.
Japanese grass
Japan has the character grass leaves are small, smooth and elongated. This grass requires enough sunlight to grow well. Cutting should be done regularly at least two weeks so that the lawn looks neat.
Grass Tripe
Grass leaf tripe has a character that is short and smooth. This grass is used for golf courses. The drawback of grass tripe is require full sun and should be cut regularly at least 2 weeks.
A few articles about types of lawn that you can make the choice to create a beautiful home gardens. May be useful for you daam make beautiful homes and beautiful.