Apart from being a protector of rain, the roof of the house also has the benefit of beauty to your home. Minimalist shape of the roof of the house is fairly considered. Roof also affects the beauty of a minimalist style house.

Roof shape in a minimalist house more diverse than the shape of the roof of the house with the usual design. Of course it is adjusted with a minimalist concept built. Roof becomes the protector of the home from rain and sunlight. Forms an interesting roof will also greatly affect the beauty of the house. So when you make a home, then pay attention to the shape of the roof.

Roof forms a minimalist 2-storey house has a roof shape that varies. Examples roof shape with 3 arrangement, half sloping roof shape, and the shape of the roof tile and a half half using cement. To form the roof with 3 arrangement is made with the highest arrangement on the front. The roof shape is suitable for the type of minimalist house with a large area. To form the sloping roof sloped on the part of the roof. The minimalist form of the roof of the house of course make the house look very modern.

As for the shape of the roof using a combination of tile and cement is usually used for a place to relax or to put a clothesline.
Simple minimalist forms the roof of the house has a simple shape. Roofs usually have 2 arrangement or only with 21 arrangement and combination of tile and cement on the front of the house.

Of course, the simple shape of the roof that will make simple shades will look lumpy. Roof forms using two composition formed on the side is indeed making the house seem wide. As for the shape of the roof with 1 arrangement made towering in the middle. For a combination of minimalist house roof shape by using lightly and cement on the front make the home look more modern though modest house theme.

The use of roof forms a minimalist house adapted to the area and also the design used. Shape roof of the house will affect the comfort and beauty of a home. By applying the roof forms an increasingly unique, then the house will look more attractive and nice views. Hopefully this article useful to add insight and knowledge as advice and input to build a house. Thank you