Is your home a minimalist? Do you wonder if you can put a fish pond in the yard of your house? Some of the natural beauty of the most suitable to be applied at home is a fish pond in which there are the lives of marine animals accompanied by penghijau plants that can soothe the eye. Therefore, many people are making a fish pond that is placed in their home area for a pleasant place to relax.

Form of fish ponds vary greatly, but it should be considered in making a fish pond in the minimalist home as the size of the land for the pond, how big the pool to be created, and so forth, but you do not have confused because here we will discuss tips to make a fish pond in a minimalist house along with example pictures of fish pond with a variety of angles and shapes.

Things to consider in making a fish pond in a minimalist home:

• Determine Design Swimming Fish
Model Design pond like what would you apply that will create the form to your liking, so of course you will feel satisfied. There are many designs that can be emulated to build a fish pond in a minimalist home, but keep in mind also that before making a fish pond you have to see also the shape of your house so that between the house and fish pond will look harmonious. The simplest design that is biased in use that form of pond fish box for home design minimalist in the present era is also likely to use the design of the box, there is also added with some ornate decoration of natural stone to make it look natural.

• Determine the size of the Fish Pond
How big is the shape of the pool that you create should certainly be taken into account with the layout and placement of land the size of the fish pond. Choose the location of the pool with a matching pool yard try not preclude track of your daily activities. Remember that the location of the pool is not suitable to be a member the impression of some sort of a barrier messy and a layout of a comfortable home.

• Select Material Fish Pond
Materials needed to make a pool of course you might expect, if you are not an expert in making the building you’d better find artisan to make your fish pond, since the pond will be filled with water and if the process is not good pond will quickly leak. Keep the good material to make the pool so as not to bother in the future. Keep in mind also the laying of additional decorations such as natural stone or an ornament that if it is difficult to be cleaned so that in hindarai, because it will burden your homework in one day.

• Minimalist Fish Pond Care
Having a fish pond has been used, do not forget to perform regular maintenance in order to pool look neat and clean your fish healthy, too. To simplify the care you need to have additional equipment that is not easy to get dirty fish ponds and fish in the pond are not susceptible to disease. A common tool used is a water filter that is placed in the pool. This filter tool serves to filter out impurities contained in the pool water so that the water does not quickly kerus and oxygen in the water constantly available. Customize your needs with the size of the pool filter, the larger the pool you get up then you also need to use a large filter or filter with a large number. As for the treatment of jewelry trinkets decorating the pool could do with regular brushing, use a small brush such as a toothbrush to clean the sidelines inaccessible.

• Determine Occupants Swimming Fish
Animal what would you fill the fish pond you have built, nobody likes to fish freshwater or seawater fish. Make sure your abilities in caring for the animals, so that your pet fish do not die easily. If you are ordinary people who do not know much about fish, it is good you maintain pilihkah freshwater fish and fish which have strong endurance, such as tilapia fish, fish comet and others.

Hopefully by reading this article, can give you an idea about how to form a pool that conforms to the shape of your home. With the fish pond in your home, it can encourage a better life. Thank you