Is your house using the fence? As a frontline seat occupancy, the fence must be strong and sturdy. Because of its strength to protect the occupants of the crime. But unfortunately, to present a solid fence is not easy. Understandably, the fence is always located on the outside of the house, and would have exposed directly either by the heat of the sun or the pouring rain. Then the fence so solid that was originally created to be destroyed slowly.

No matter the basic ingredients of what fence-makers, be it of iron or wood. Iron fence, it could be broken especially for the fence of wood. Definitely would easily weathered and then damaged if not treated properly. Fences made of wood require greater attention than other types such as iron fence. Wooden fence has a weakness that is easily covered with mold and mildew. As a result, the wood would be easy to weathered later destroyed. If you want a wooden fence in the house long-lasting, you should be able to take the time to take care of him. There are easy ways you can do to care for your wooden fence, using a special paint coating wood.

The paint coating protects the wooden fence from direct exposure to weather such as heat and rain. If you want a wooden fence durable at the same time look natural, you can select the paint timber with a transparent end result. This paint does not close tightly so that the surface of the wood with color and wood grain is still visible.

Even so-called transparent, transparent paint can also provide color to the wood. It’s just like the paint color is not solid. But still, the color will bring the occupancy with high aesthetics.

Because wood into one material that can be used as material to make a fence. With kenaturalannya, a wooden fence at the same time will give a unique touch to the exterior of your dwelling ethnic. In addition, the wood material also has the advantage of easily modified as desired. Wood fences can be added various ornaments as decoration, made containers for growing vines that will make the exterior look more cool and refreshing.

To create a fence of wood material, it helps if you use any type of wood that is hard and strong. Thus, a wooden fence not only gives a wonderful touch full of charm but can also be a powerful protector for your home and yard.

How to care on a wooden fence

Wooden fence, fence Confused choose to use a home where ??? Let’s look at information about a strong material for the fence. Having a fence is very important apart as home security, fences also have an aesthetic value to the home. One good fencing material for decorative interesting nuance is a fence made of wood. Fences of wood gives a different impression of the fence with other materials such as iron or steel. It is more natural and unnatural, but it also gives the impression of elegance and luxury to the home.

To make it look more attractive, the use of ironwood you can also combine with the surrounding stone. Stone affixed to the side walls of the fence. This is done in order to give the impression of natural and draw on the fence or the house. After understanding the benefits of the design of the wooden fence, then how to care for wooden fences. In care is not so complicated, there are some steps that you can use in the care of a wooden fence, as follows:

Using anti termite
The main enemy of wood is termite, it must be wary of the fence kayuanda models, there is a good idea before installing a fence made of wood, you basting first drugs to prevent termites, so the fence can avoid the attack of the insect.

Repainting your wooden fence
For tips on this one, for those of you who already use a wooden fence. If the fence is already looks dull, then you can be repainted, do as follows. The first stage is the first sanding the wood surface until smooth so that the paint is absorbed. When painting, it is better when using this type of paint containing anti termite. If you use the paint is solid, our advice, on the surface of the cracks in the given putty beforehand, Use a brush. After the sandpaper back surface of the wood, then repainted so that the results will more evenly.

Those are some tips and information ranging from understanding what it is made of a wooden fence, are tips that durable wooden fence, protected from termites and herbs. May be useful for you in the care of wooden fence.