You must have been wondering, who is the first to build multi-storey buildings up to so many multi-storey buildings on the present. The first steeper building has existed in ancient times. Load-bearing wall structure height of 10 floors has been used in the cities of the Roman Empire. Cities in the West is growing very rapidly in the nineteenth century, and the population density causes a return of the high rise buildings that disappeared with the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Principle structure of a retaining wall of stone materials reused. But the limitations of this type of structural system is that with increasing building height, the wall thickness should be increased as well, in direct proportion to the nature of gravity. Limitations of this construction is clearly visible in the Monadnock Building (1891) 16-story Chicago. United States requiring walls 6 feet thick at the bottom.

Use of lightweight truss system which seems to be the most appropriate response for the iron and then steel frame. Allowing the building to be taller and larger openings and more. The development of steel frame takes more than 100 years. Moreover, in addition to steel should be recognized as a building material. The production methods are being developed constantly. This requires research on the behavior of these new materials in order to produce the form of rods and assemblies form the most good. It also requires the development of meticulous detail and carpentry skills.

The engineers of the nineteenth century to make the architects realized the potential elements of this framework. They are expanding their use on bridges, factories, warehouses. And exhibit space. This influence can be observed up to year 1801 in a cotton mill seven-story steel frame in Manchester. English. The use of columns and steel beams as a skeleton interior. Steel profiles I use these halls. Perhaps for the first time. The designers intuitively recognize the shape efficiency in restraining the deflection. Actually, this plant became the basis of the development of a steel frame which later appeared in Chicago in about 1890.

Until the late 19th century, the number of floors that was built in a building is limited by the absence of an effective vertical transportation system. Moreover, the absence of building construction materials that can withstand the load of high-rise buildings are a factor inhibiting the development of the type of high-rise buildings.
The building is still using a brick / concrete retaining wall systems (bearing wall). In a short time these obstacles can be solved by the two major discoveries in the world of construction. With the research and new inventions, the technology in the construction of multi-storey building increasingly sophisticated and extraordinary that bring tremendous benefits for mankind and the environment. Hopefully this article useful for you to increase your knowledge in the world of architecture.