Most children are lazy to go to the bathroom and finally the parents so difficult to ask children to bathe. If that happens, there may be something wrong with your bathroom. When you have children, make sure that the bathroom in the house must be completely safe and convenient for them to use. And if the bathroom in the house has become a welcoming place for children, bathing may no longer be a duty, but it could be a pleasant routine for them. One of the problems when children use the bathroom is usually due to the size of the furniture in it, such as a bathtub, sink, and cabinets, generally reserved for adults. Find a way for children to achieve all the objects in it with ease, such as installing a towel hanger lower, or providing a stool.

Here anything that could be added to the bathroom to make it more child-friendly, you can also make yourself at home.

1. Curtain colorful bathroom
When visiting a home furnishings store, let the child choose a motif or color of the shower curtain. Children will surely love the design of his choice and also make them feel involved in decorating the bathroom.

2. Provide a special shampoo and soap
For children, separate them with shampoo and soap had an adult. Make sure the site is easily accessible to them. Some stores provide furniture which is specifically for children.

3. Cubicles container toothbrush
Paste sort of rack or cubicle space to put toothbrush. Please also provide a personal touch by adding the name of each child in the rack. Then, put it in a place easily accessible by them. You can also use a rack or board-to-eat in the house. Paint the inside and give the child’s name stamp.

4. Accessories with the character of children
Choose a storage area corresponding to the character of children like a cotton bud and others. And make sure the place hygienic and easily taken by children.

5. Provide a small stool (small foothold seat)
Encourage your child to be independent as to take his bathtub fixtures or wash his hands in the sink. To that provide a small bench which is used as an additional foothold when you want to achieve a higher place.

6. Put a piece of art
Hang a picture containing the words motivation with a brightly colored typical children. These pins can be used to encourage the child when taking a shower or brushing your teeth.
You can create your own picture by painting the entire board canvas in yellow, and use the printer with a letter giving him paint color contrast.

7. Place dirty clothes with cartoon motifs
Encourage children to do everything himself, including putting dirty clothes in place. Choose a unique motif such as a cartoon for dirty clothes and put in strategic places so that children can always see it.