Does your home have a garden in it? Have you arrange it with a beautiful garden? Garden house is a part that is able to beautify the front of the house. Pretty garden is a dream for everyone. Function front garden indeed embellish the front side of the page. The park is not just for the big house, simple house can be combined with a beautiful garden.

The house is small indeed only has a front area that is not too wide, but at least they can be arranged into a park. So there is no reason that inhibits a garden at home, even if home is simple. Minimalist garden front of the house would be suitable for this situation.

The concept of stone and wood for the minimalist garden front of the house

There are many options for designing dynamic style garden is simple to change the look of your home. The right concept is very basic things before making the park. The concept of the park should not be much different from your home. This is the most appropriate way. For a small modest house, small house garden design one of the most suitable. The size of the park is indeed relatively small, but this does not mean cramped size and random.

Conversely, a small front garden looks attractive and enhance your home and small-sederhana.Bahan main ingredient of a garden is a natural stone and wood. Both can be combined with the slick.

Natural rocks

The main task of these stones is to beautify the park with a natural style. Park will be memorable as a natural area that blends with your home. Another reason is a matter of hygiene. When it rains, water splashes usually make the surrounding area becomes soiled. This will not happen if the soil is covered with natural stones though the rain was so heavy fall.

Then, you can still view the natural beauty through the front garden after the rain. Even the typical freshness of nature will be more clear after the rain. The stones were to be laid out as neat as possible coherent with the ground.


More wood is used as an ornament to decorate. Seingkali wood is used for shelves where potted plants. Usually this place shaped stage. This makes the plant pots can be arranged neatly.

Minimalist garden Backyard Supply Freshness

Green area, both in nature and around the house, has been reduced. It is expected to be closer to extinction in the future. So that the green area is not totally lost, one of which is a minimalist membuattaman back home as an alternative to front garden. The park function is becoming increasingly complex because it is not only the beauty of the outdoor space but also a source of fresh air.
If you are already in this important function, do not ever hesitate to transform vacant land behind the house into a green garden refreshing. Make parks efficiently with modern minimalist touch at the same time. Minimalist expression of a well landscaped garden front and back of the house can still be managed in a modern way. Home so simple you can appear more attractive and modern impressed. Garden like this has the power to transform a simple house into a modern home. More than modern, the house will look more beautiful and provide fresh air supply so that your life becomes qualified and fun.

Hopefully this article useful to add insight and knowledge in managing the home beautiful and charming in sustaining a better life. Thank you