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Why Your HVAC Unit Needs Regular Maintenance

There’s a lot that can go into properly maintaining your home, and making sure that you take care of your HVAC unit is one of those things. While your unit may not always be at the forefront of your mind, the reality is there can be many benefits to getting regular maintenance. Here are a couple of key reasons why HVAC Staten Island can be so important.

Avoid Breakdowns

Avoiding a major breakdown is often one of the top reasons why you should get regular maintenance for your unit. Not only can big breakdowns be expensive to deal with, much more expensive than general maintenance, but they can be inconvenient, and can shorten the lifespan of your unit, as well. When a technician checks your unit, they can help prevent these breakdowns in two ways. One, by performing general maintenance that helps your system to work more efficiently, and two, by fixing small problems before they become large ones.

Save Money

Some may feel like paying for regular maintenance is an additional cost, rather than a money saver, but the reality is that getting your HVAC unit looked at regularly can save you money in the long run. One reason for this is that it helps prevent breakdowns, which are generally more costly than regular upkeep. Another way that they save money is by helping lower your energy bills. When you have a unit that is well maintained, it is less stressed, and therefore uses less energy, resulting in a lower bill.

The Final Word

When you’re a homeowner, there can be a lot of things to think about on a daily basis, and because there’s so much to think about, your HVAC unit may not always be at the top of your list. The reality is, though, that there are benefits to keeping it maintained, from avoiding breakdowns, to saving money.

Home Maintenance Top to Bottom

When spring comes around, many people think about spring cleaning, tidying up the house and planting a garden of vegetables or flowers. Even more important however, is performing an annual home maintenance routine. Consider these guidelines when planning out your next steps.

Start at the Bottom

Check out the area beneath your home. If you have a basement, check to make sure all windows are sealed against the weather. It may be necessary to waterproof the concrete or to fill some cracks in the foundation. If you have no basement, it is likely that you have a crawlspace. It should be checked for moisture, mold and insect or pest invasion. You may need to call the experts in crawl space repair Tulsa OK residents rely on for a proper inspection.

Main and Upper Floors

Check the facing of the home, whether that be brick, stucco, shakes or siding and make sure that any splits or cracks are sealed and that there are not any loose components and fasten things if needed. Check the seals around all of the windows, scraping where necessary and caulking to secure against the weather. Repeat for all exterior doorways. Power-wash the exterior to remove any collected dirt or debris from weather or insects. Spray insecticide around the perimeter to deter spiders and under the eaves for hornets or wasps.

The Roof

Check the roof for any leaks or loose or missing materials that need to be fastened or replaced. Hammer down any nails that may have worked their way up over the winter. Check all flashings and seal around them with a waterproof material, such as a liquid rubber or tar made for such tasks.

Spring cleaning is not just for the inside of the home, and it may be perhaps more critical on the outside. An annual going over in the spring can leave you free to enjoy your family, vacations and gardening with less worry all summer long.

Top 6 Tips for Planning a Great Bathroom Remodel

If you’ve been waiting for years to remodel an outdated bathroom, you probably have a million ideas about what you want to do. Use these tips to make sure the essentials are covered before you start your renovations.

1. Choose a Comfortable Color Scheme

Color can influence your mood and your comfort level in countless ways. Make your newly remodeled bathroom an oasis with a relaxing and refreshing color scheme.

2. Pick Cabinets That Fit Your Habits

If you have a lot of cosmetics or hair care accessories, you’ll probably want cabinets with numerous drawers. Stylish cubbies and spacious shelving are ideal for storing toiletries and towels. You can find the latest cubby trends and search for cabinet installation Hartsdale NY services nearby.

3. Select Durable Countertops

Bathroom countertops take a lot of wear and tear. They get splashed with mouthwash, rubbing alcohol and other chemicals. Look for a quality vanity surface that will resist cracking and staining for years to come.

4. Picture the Perfect Fixtures

If you’re replacing the sink, shower and toilet, take time to shop around. Bathroom fixtures are a serious investment. Opt for fixtures that not only look nice but function well in your space.

5. Light Up Your Space

Like the right color scheme, proper lighting can transform your space. Specialized lighting such as vanity lights can make shaving or applying makeup a breeze. Look for the color temperature of energy-efficient bulbs to light your bathroom with warm, neutral or cool tones.

6. Find Practical Flooring

Today’s flooring options can take you beyond traditional tile. Consider concrete for durability, vinyl for a variety of style choices or wood-patterned laminate for water resistance.

Renovating your bathroom is a golden opportunity to customize one of the most personal spaces of your home. A well-executed bathroom remodel can make a huge difference in your everyday experience, especially as you get yourself ready for the day or prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Types of Fences

When faced with fencing in your business, land, yard or pasture, you have several options beyond the hand-rolled barbed wire from days of yore. Depending on the features you want in your fence, you have choices including some newer technology in fencing called composite fencing. Each type of fence comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.


The gold medal of fencing is the wood fence. It has endured through the ages, creates an iconic look around your property and blends in well with the natural elements. Pine is relatively cheap to put up, and certain types of wood, like cedar and redwood, contain natural wood-eating insect repellent properties. Wood fences can be installed in a traditional way with 6-10-foot vertical boards giving your privacy or the boards can be more spaced for an open feel.


There are new exciting trends in composite materials for fencing like fiberglass fencing Texas or your state. Composite fences are created differently by combining different varieties of materials such as plastic, glass, and wood fiber and then heating them to form planks that can be cut and styled to any specifications the consumer wants. Composite fencing is known for its strength, durability, sustainability, and ease of installation.


Metal fences vary widely in cost with chain-link being on the low end and heavy wrought iron being on the high end. This type of fencing can be great for security, generally low maintenance and weathers well. High metal fences are often seen as a keep-out signal to interlopers around a business. On the other hand, ornamental fences or gates can be custom made to create a striking border around or entry onto your property.

When it comes to fencing, you have several decisions to make with regards to style, durability, and privacy. Once you have those basics down, you can begin to focus on the fencing material that best fulfills those needs.

Best Tropical Fish for Newbies

Tropical fish are a whole new arena for you, so you need to start with some that will provide you with a better success rate in your new undertaking. Factors to take into consideration when choosing your fish include breeds that are the least aggressive, water temperature tolerance and size. You will also need to find a suitable tank for your new endeavor. To find one that works for you, try searching for something like tropical fish for sale Colorado, or search for your specific location. Here are some of the best tropical fish for newbies to choose from.


If you want to start with a small tank, swordtail fish are a good choice to go with since they only grow to about four inches long. This species is typically peaceful. However, the males can get a little hot-headed when it comes to dealing with other males, so it is best to keep the number of males to a minimum. They are easy to take care of and can deal with a wider variety of water conditions, making them suitable for beginners.


Danio fish are considered hardy fish that do not require a heated tank. They are also very sociable fish who can live in small tanks, since their maximum length is usually less than three inches. Since they come in a large variety, you can choose the danio species that appeals to you the most.


Guppies come in an assortment of dazzling colors, but they are also an ideal option for your first fish because they are resilient, easy to feed and inexpensive. They are also amicable and can handle varying water temperatures. Guppies can also tolerate living with other fish and only grow to about two inches.

When you are just starting out with tropical fish, you will want to choose fish that are not difficult to take care of and able to withstand fluctuating water temperatures. Three breeds to consider are swordtail, danio and guppy fish.

Three Benefits of Using a Professional Moving Company

Moving across the country or even locally can be difficult, and many people do not look forward to the process of moving their items to their new home. Thankfully, there are professional moving companies around to lighten the load. Here are a few benefits of using a long-distance moving company.

Equipment and Items for Moving May Be Provided

You may have gotten the moving van prepared, but how are you supposed to get the boxes onto the van? A moving company has the equipment that you need in order to move your items efficiently. They can provide equipment such as dollies and ramps as well as supplies like tape and packing peanuts. Moving companies keep supplies on hand so that they can be ready for any issue you may have.

Belongings Are Often Safer

From fancy plates to your new TV, it can be easy to damage the things that you value. It is best to put these heavy or delicate items into the hands of professional movers. Movers can keep the items safer while driving, since they should have employees who are comfortable driving a moving van. A moving company can also provide employees to help you move items into your home with ease.

Injuries Can Be Avoided

You may have overestimated your strength at some point in your life, and it is easy to overextend yourself while moving various items into your new home. Rather than risk injury trying to move out by a deadline, it is often better to leave the work to the professionals. Professional moving companies have standards for moving items and are used to the heavy lifting that some items require.

From beginning to end, you can trust how a moving company will handle your items, both large and small. Moving your items with a moving company is often a good investment no matter where you are going.

3 Ways To Prepare Your Home for Winter

Homeowners everywhere know that as soon as cold weather settles in, winter is soon to arrive. Smart owners also know they need to protect their homes and keep utility bills down by doing some home maintenance. Whether you live in Florida, California, or Wyoming, your house needs your help to secure its envelop against harsh weather. Here are three ways to prepare your home for winter.

1. Heating

No matter which type of heating system your home uses to keep you warm, it needs a yearly inspection. Have a technician examine the unit before you turn it on for the long winter’s work. Make sure you change the filters and clean the air ducts of any residual dirt from last year to keep your home allergen free.

2. Windows

During the heat of summer, the wood trim or caulk around your windows may crack and break. Sometimes window panes can get cracked from blowing debris and also need repair. Rather than try and fix the panes yourself, why not call a window repair Dallas TX service? With a quick response, the professionals can get your home sealed up tight.

3. Gutters

Cleaning your home’s gutters allows water to pour down the tubing as snow melts or rain pours, and moving the water away from your home is essential to keeping your crawlspace or basement dry and mold free. Having clean gutters can also keep your home safe from ice dams and icicles that can weigh gutters down or shatter the tubes. Once there is a crack, water can find its way into your home and cause extensive damage.

As the weather cools, performing yearly maintenance on your home can save you some time and money by preventing winter damage to the structure. Take care of your home, and your house will keep you warm and dry all winter long.

Tornadoes Have Lots of Names And They Leave Hidden Damages

Whether you call them twisters, funnel clouds, or tornadoes, if you are like most people that live in a tornado prone area, the thought of living through another of the whirling, whipping columns of violent water and natural air constructs can send shivers down your spine. The violence of the sudden storm is like nothing else on earth as the ground is torn up, homes are ripped into sticks, and roadways are forever scarred. If your home makes it through the tornado, here are three hidden damages to check for.

1. Foundation Damage

As the funnels touch the earth, they can send shockwaves into the ground as the winds whip the path up to a mile wide. The violent motion of the thunderstorm’s tip can send those waves of shocks for miles in every direction. That is why homes even five miles from where the twister touched the ground can have foundation cracks. If you were within 10 miles of an active tornado, be safe and contact a foundation crack repair Tulsa OK company to check your home’s foundation.

2. Wind Destruction

Although most tornadoes only move along at about 33 miles an hour, there have been reports of some storms that pushed the funnel in a destructive path at more than 250 miles an hour. No matter how fast the twister moves, the winds associated with the massive storm can send debris as large as a car or uprooted tree high into the sky.

3. Structures Shattered

Homes that survive tornadoes often lose their windows, shower doors, and mirrors because of the contrary waves of energy rushing through the natural air. Those waves can also pull electronics apart, break kitchen glass doors, and rip up concrete.

After a tornado hits the ground near your home, be safe, and call an inspector to come in and assess any damage your house may have. It is better to know what is wrong than to lose your entire home to the next tornado because of an existing weakness.

Preparing Your Home To Survive Teen Girls

From monopolizing the hot water supply to borrowing your clothes, a teenage girl can take over a home. If you have one or more of these young ladies, you may feel overwhelmed. Using these three tips can help you manage the chaos.

Keep a Supply of All Things Girl

It is no secret that teen girls use plenty of personal care products, but you may be surprised at how fast they go through them. Having a stockpile of these products will prevent panic from setting in when she runs out of something. Designate a shelf in a linen closet, bathroom cupboard, or pantry to store a number of items like shampoo, razors, and deodorant. With one central location, you’ll be able to monitor the supply and keep it replenished.

Maintain a Steady Supply of Hot Water

Long showers seem to be a favorite of teenagers, leaving little hot water for the rest of the family. Parents can insist on quicker showers, but that typically falls on deaf ears. A guaranteed supply of hot water is the ideal solution. By doing a search for something like tankless water heater installation San Ramon CA in your area, you can purchase a permanent remedy for this situation.

Find Places to Hide Sought-after Items

Teenage girls tend to help themselves to everything in the house, no matter who it belongs to. Even dads don’t escape this, as daughters may love the oversized look of his favorite t-shirt. Hiding the items your teen covets will avoid having to hunt them down. Hang desirable clothes in the back of your closet behind the ones your daughter would not be caught dead in, or camouflage shoes by stowing then in a cardboard box marked “books.”

Raising teen girls can be challenging and avoiding arguments over minor issues may help maintain peace. Keeping your daughters supplied with necessities and protecting some of your personal belongings can help life go more smoothly for everyone.

Three Tips for New Homeowners

Buying your first home is a major life event that can come with feelings ranging from exhilaration, excitement, worry, and stress. It’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed by all the new questions, decisions, and responsibilities. This article will walk you through three critical things to keep in mind to make your transition to home ownership as stress-free and smooth as possible.

Don’t Cut Corners

When it comes to home ownership, cutting corners to save a little time or hassle only ends up creating bigger, messier, more expensive hassles down the road. Give your home’s upkeep the time and attention it deserves. Get to know the experts in your area who can help keep your home safe and secure for the long run. It’s worth spending some extra time researching roof inspection in Volusia County to give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is well maintained.

Know Your Neighbors

It may sounded old fashioned, but getting to know your neighbors when you move into your new home is absolutely worthwhile. It’s important to have people you trust who you can turn to as you settle in. Whether you have a question about trash pick up dates or need to borrow a snow shovel, a time will come when you’ll be glad to be on good terms with the folks next door. Make an effort to introduce yourself in your first couple of weeks in the neighborhood. If you’re not sure how to break the ice, it never hurts to have some sharable snacks with you when you ring the doorbell.

Find a Fix-It Friend

One of the most stressful things about becoming a new homeowner is realizing that if anything goes wrong in the house, you’re the one responsible for finding a solution. If you’re not comfortable with a hammer and a wrench, then it’s time to either learn or find a friend who doesn’t mind lending a hand when the sink backs up.

Buying a new home should be a joyful experience. Follow these three simple steps for a successful transition to homeownership.

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