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This is the Different Types of Cables For Electric Installation

This is the Different Types of Cables For Electric Installation

Certainly we are not familiar with the name of the cable, even every day we use the cable to turn on electronic goods or for the installation of electrical home appliances. Broadly speaking, the cable serves as a conductor of electric current only. But if you already know that the cable has different types based on the function? If not, then you should see the following article so that the cable you use is appropriate according to its kind and has the proper capacity. With right cable for electrical installations home it will be easier for you to use and will be more secure.

  • NYA cable
    This kind of cable is a cable that is most often used to house electrical installation. In general, the size of the NYA cables are used for electrical installations home which is sized 1.5 mm2 or 2.5 mm2. This cable is a single cable PVC clad material as. NYA cables are available in various color-coded insulation of which are black, red, yellow, blue. But because it uses only 1 layer of insulating material made NYA cables easily deformed, not water-resistant and prone to rat bites. Therefore for the sake of safety, when using this type of cable should plug the cable through the protective pipe, because the pipe will protect the cable from rodent bites and puddles. It also can protect from direct human touch when one part of the insulator chipped so safe.
  • cables NYM
    This type of cable is specifically designed for home electrical installations. In general, these cables are permanently installed inside the building either installed inside or outside walls can also be installed even in the pipeline safety. NYM cables have several options ranging from 2 to 5 core cable conductor. This cable uses two layers of PVC insulation is usually white or gray on the outer layer. In terms of security, NYM cables have characteristics more secure than wired NYA can even be used in wet or dry areas, but not for planting. The price is more expensive than cable NYA.
  • cables NYY
    This kind of cable is specifically designed for home electrical installations are embedded under the ground. However, when installing these cables should not be planted directly on the ground but must be given special protection such as PVC pipe or another. NYY cable is the cable without metal layers. In the cable insulator layer is made using PVC material that is extremely strong. Moreover, the insulating layer also use materials that do not like rats, so it can be used anywhere as placed inside and outside the home or in the field conditions were humid and dry. For still the same core layer NYM cable that consists of two or more core conductor. But the price of the cable NYY slightly more expensive than the NYM cable.
  • cables NYAF
    Judging from the type in the form of copper strands are wrapped with PVC insulation material. NYAF cable belonging to the types of flexible cable. NYAF cable can be used in home electrical instalalasi that require high flexibility or in places that have sharp bends. In this cable installation should still require additional security in the form of distribution pipes. This cable can only be used in dry areas and is not recommended to install in damp areas or exposed to direct sun beam.

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HOUSE and its definition


What does it mean for your home? Every human being must need a place to stay and spend time with loved ones, which is why the house became the basic human needs. Like any other basic needs, the fulfillment of the needs of home as a place and an absolute must to be met, house currently has a diverse models and forms due tailored to the needs penguninya.
Here is a definition and the definition of home:
The house is for residential buildings or buildings in general
The house is a shelter from the rain. The house is a shelter from the scorching sun. The house is a place of rest. Home is where families gather together, tell stories, eat and pray together
The house is a building that serves as a place to stay and gather a family. The house is also a place the whole family dwelling and perform routine activities of daily traffic system
# MUHAMMAD Khoirudin
The house is the basic human needs
The house is a place to rest and to fix the soul and body
# MONA sintia, SP
The house is the heart of life that should be a source of peace, source of inspiration and a source of energy for its owners
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