A good bathroom is a separate room or as a part in the bedroom,would always have a tile on the wall surface.Even in some houses,tilesaffixed to a height of 4 feet and then the rest of the wallswere paintedusing waterproof paint to prevent seepage of water into the brick wall.

If by chance the bathroom in your house too small,you can use this technique. Usually a room look small or large in size because they are influenced by the shapeofwall space.Using ceramicfloor and wall decorations will remove the perception of this wall and make the room seem larger.

You can do this by creating a pattern of using ceramicfloor then continue the samepattern on the wall as a wall decoration theme.You can do this up to a height of 4 feet as well.Wall decor for this room plays a major role in creating the impression of the roomlook more spacious because unlike anywhere else in your home, privaterooms tend to have a limited choice of furniture and decoration accessories.

When determining the decor theme and choose a pattern for the wall, keep in mind the main users of this shower room,because of course will be differentstyles for teenagers to adults.Starting from the colorscheme you choose the tilepatterns such as animals,flowers will have a major impact on the interior of the bathroom.For example,animal murals on the walls show the option is more suitable to be applied in wall decoration for children.

For adult use of the bathroommirror on the wall will not only be useful to reflect users but will also enhance the overall look of the room.Hopefully the above information is useful for you in decorating yourbathroom at home.