Do you have a crystal chandelier in your living room? Beautify the interior design living room not only with furniture, paint the walls and arrangement of space, but decorative lights can also be used as additional accessories to add to the impression of elegance to the living room, and one type of decorative lights which is often used is a model of decorative lights hanging minimalist , in addition to its unique, diverse model that makes us more choice in deciding which one we prefer.

Decorative lights are quite popular is hanging crystal decorative lighting, beautiful shape certainly give fancy color to the crystal sparkle, pilhlah the lamp according to the design of your living room, the following are Choosing decorative lights hanging.

1 * You can see the color harmony with the ceiling lights were given a golden hue that gives effect to the more luxurious the room.

2 * In choosing decorative lights hanging crystal you should memeperhatikan some things of which is the choice of the crystal and a crystal that has a good quality is kind of Swarovski crystals which only produced by kangaroo country is more transparent so that light in pantulkanpun brighter , but it is good to choose decorative lights hanging in perhatiakan well as price and brand, as well as whether there is a warranty or not, so if there is a malfunction later we can ask for a warranty.

3 * Many decorative lights other is not made of crystal, but still look beautiful and unique, this type of lamp is suitable if you want to display a simple minimalist in the room your guests, in addition to adding a positive impression you can also save money in because the price is cheaper if in compare with the kind of decorative lights hanging crystals.

4 * Always use your imagination in designing the living room, one decorative lights hanging, you can use your creativity to design a decorative lamp itself, so it will give a sense of satisfaction that over, but in spite of all the lamp is a lamp that is lighting sources that we can use to illuminate our homes.

How you can already picture of decorative lights hanging would you apply? That was a few examples of decorative lights hanging that we can use for our guest room, hopefully this article can provide solutions for you. Thank you