Some homes are on the market for months, and others are sold within days. If the houses are both the same type of home with nearly the same price, have you ever wondered what the difference is that makes one sell so quickly? The answers may surprise you. Here are five ways to sell your home surprisingly fast.

1. Paint Your Walls a Neutral Color

Neutral colors allow the prospective buyer to imagine living in your home. With a fresh coat of paint on the walls, the house looks and smells clean and fresh. Don’t forget to paint the wood trims around doors, windows, and flooring.

2. Put a Fence Around the Property

Buyers with children love established fences around property lines and having a fence can actually sell a house over another without an enclosure. Although they are more pricy, wooden fences like the ones from a fencing contractor Lake County IL are the most sought-after style in home sales.

3. Replace or Update All Your Flooring

Carpets can look dingy after only a year of wear and tear, so replace with new flooring for a radiant look that can sell the home quickly. If your house has wooden floors, polish and re-stain the planks for a striking appearance.

4. Update Your Kitchen Appliances

Kitchens are said to sell homes, so update your appliances and let your kitchen sell your house for you. Change out cabinet knobs and polish cupboards for a room that shines. Don’t forget to update the kitchen curtains and clean the window to let sunlight flow into the room and welcome the buyers.

5. Upgrade All the Household Faucets

There are hundreds of faucets on the market, and the styles change almost yearly. Upgrade your faucets for a fresh look that invites buyers to move right in.

Your home doesn’t have to sit on the market for months. Use these five tips to upgrade your house and sell the property quickly.