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Month: November 2015

Rattan Chair Model Design for Living Minimalist you


Would you like wicker for your furniture? If you want to find furniture to furnishing your home, there is no harm inspiring model of a rattan chair minimalist image. By using a cane chair with a basis of this synthesis of your home will look into appropriate alloys, especially for minimalist living room that looks simple yet elegant. This is some kind of options synthetic rattan minimalist guest chairs that you can make inspiration.

Rattan chairs minimalist one of the most common is a set of wicker chairs that form a rigid box-shaped length seat, two the size of a person, and a table covered with glass. And place the seat in a simple manner facing each other. Things that make this a very unique rattan chairs is the type basket. There is also a box-shaped seats are woven in a simple to use two rattan color matching, and color is light brown and ivory. There’s even a wicker chair in a wicker box that deliberately forms dingding pattern such that the pattern of brick or towns square.

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Beautify Living Room with the beautiful Crystal Hanging Lamp


Do you have a crystal chandelier in your living room? Beautify the interior design living room not only with furniture, paint the walls and arrangement of space, but decorative lights can also be used as additional accessories to add to the impression of elegance to the living room, and one type of decorative lights which is often used is a model of decorative lights hanging minimalist , in addition to its unique, diverse model that makes us more choice in deciding which one we prefer.

Decorative lights are quite popular is hanging crystal decorative lighting, beautiful shape certainly give fancy color to the crystal sparkle, pilhlah the lamp according to the design of your living room, the following are Choosing decorative lights hanging.

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Tips for Choosing a carpet is good and suitable for your Living Room


Whether in the living room there is no rubber? When you visit friends or relatives to their homes, we often see some of them using a carpet in their living room decor. Tips put carpet, usually placed under the table or under sofas, depending on the area rug is used.

By adding a carpet in the living room will be creating the feel of a comfortable and luxurious in your living room. If you decide to buy a rug to add to the decor of your living room.

Tips for Choosing a Good Carpet Living Room

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Sofa seats are suitable for your Living Room


Is your home a minimalist form? And what about the living room? Minimalist interior decoration is very diverse, one of which is the seat living room sofa. Various models and types ranging from the past until now a huge range of seats for both the living room sofa or wood. As we all know, home is a place to go home. What is meant here is of course a return you back after you spend all day being outside with all forms of activities that you are doing out there. One thing to note in completing the house needs is to look at what kinds of things that if you need when inhabiting a house.

Completeness of houses can be varied forms one of which is in the form of equipment for the needs of the household. With the fulfillment of the goods or the tool then of course you do not need a loss to find out the result of our homes are less complete and the unavailability of these objects. Can not imagine how difficult it is when we are at home who do not have the completeness of the elements?

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