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How to Conquer Clutter Like a Pro

In today’s world where more people are leaning towards minimalism, it’s imperative to start sorting out the things you don’t use and organizing the things you do. It can be a slow process, but the end result will be more room and less objects to care for. Your house has several hot spots where you can begin your journey to owning less stuff.

Condensing Your Closets

Perhaps the most cluttered spot in your home would be your clothes closet. Once you empty out every stitch of clothing, you’ll inevitably run across pieces you forgot you even owned. All this mess can be avoided with Pittsburgh custom closet installation. A custom closet will have a specific spot for every article you wear. It will be visible and within reach.

Whipping Your Garage Into Shape

Another difficult spot is the garage. Some people have garages so cluttered they can’t even park their car inside. You can easily fix that. Make a keep, donate, sell and throw away pile. Installing cabinets will hold what’s left allowing you to use your garage for its intended purpose.

Straightening Out a Pantry

When you open your kitchen pantry, are you pelted by its contents? If you’re sick of your pantry tossing you dinner ideas, take action. Empty that pantry and toss old and expired food. Consider shelves and drawers that hold your goods properly and make them visible. This will eliminate buying duplicate items that will go bad.

Harmonizing a Home Office

If your home office is out of control, it’s time to take charge. No one benefits from outdated paperwork strewn everywhere. If files are bursting at the seams, it’s time to phase out the old and catalog the new. Storage options not only make your office neater, but allow you to concentrate on the work in front of you.

Living With Less

When you start living with less and organizing what you need, you’ll find the load is much lighter. Not just physically, but mentally too. Tidying will free up your mind as well as your home.

How To Prepare For an Open House

If you’re planning on selling your home, holding an open house can greatly increase your chances of making a sale. Potential buyers will be more likely to take an interest in your home if they have the opportunity to walk around and get a feel of the space. Moreover, opening up your home to the public means you have a bigger chance of attracting more homebuyers. If you’re ready to hold your own open house, follow these tips to prepare for the event.

Ensure That Your Home Is in Good Shape

First impressions are extremely important, and you want to give buyers a positive one from the very start. Take the time to walk through your home and confirm that everything is in top condition. If you come across any problem areas, address them immediately. Whether you need to repair a leak or call for a home window replacement Irving TX, being proactive will pay off.

Consider Convenience

While you may be planning a stunning open house, it will go unnoticed if you don’t organize it with convenience in mind. As you work on the logistics of the event, consider factors such as time, weather and conflicts. Your open house will be more effective if you arrange it during afternoon hours and while the weather is pleasant.

Do a Deep Cleaning

At least two days before the open house, walk through your entire home and clean every crevice. Every little bit you do counts when your goal is to impress potential buyers. Don’t neglect minor details and make sure you cover the less obvious spots. From the walls to the garage, every area of your home should be well taken care of and ready for the scrutiny of visitors.

Your open house is a major opportunity to capture the attention of homebuyers. If you take the process seriously, you can achieve the results you want.

Get the Right Table for Your Room

A dining room table is an important piece of furniture. Whether you are planning to buy your first dining room table, or it is time to replace your existing one, take care to find the right table for your space. There are a few things to consider when shopping for your new dining room table.

Determine the Size

Gauge the size the table should be by taking measurements of the space in which it will be located. A good general rule is that there should be three feet of open space behind each chair. Measure the dimensions of the available floor space in the room. Subtract 6 feet from both the length and the width of your measurement, and this is the area available for your table and chairs.

Choose Your Type

Once you know the size of the table you need, it is time to choose a type. The most common options for tabletops are round, oval, square and rectangle. Choose your shape to match your space. If you have a square room, opt for a square or circle table. There are three primary types of table supports: trestle, pedestal and leg. Get a pedestal or leg table if you are hoping to maximize seating. Don’t forget you may need furniture feet protectors, especially if the table will be on hard flooring.

Find Your Style

Once you know the size and type of table you need, it is time to shop for your style. Dining room tables come in a variety of designs. Match the table to the decor of your home. Keep in mind that a table can last for years to come. Choose one that can continue to work as your design evolves, as opposed to one that may go out of style as trends change.

Even if it is not used daily, the dining room table is an important piece of furniture that can leave a large impact on the design of your home. Take care when selecting your table, and love your new dining room table for years to come.

Home Refresher Ideas

A major home renovation is an intimidating, and often impossible, task. However, there are small changes that can make a home feel as good as new again. Check out these ideas for sprucing up the place, from decorating to the home siding Denver CO has to offer.

Interior Changes

Sometimes, a space can feel totally different through new decor. Consider an area rug or new statement art piece to refresh a familiar room. Pick a color scheme and switch out a few pillows. If this still isn’t doing the trick, a piece of furniture can be re-upholstered to feel new and different. Perhaps a statement centerpiece, like a lighting fixture or table, will make a tired space come back to life.

It’s also great to start small. Changing outdated knobs and door handles is going to be less costly than replacing a piece of furniture completely. This sort of switch, again, can help to transition color schemes and styles.


Going green by adding plants can make a home feel lush and luxurious. Do some research and identify the spaces in the home that achieve certain types of light throughout the day and take note of which plants are most likely to thrive in such an environment. Similarly, an outdoor garden with a seating arrangement can transform a front yard or back patio. As a bonus, this tip applies to people living in apartments, too.


Changing a window treatment can actually make a difference from both the interior and exterior home perspective. On the inside, window treatments are a wonderful way to express style and really make a space unique. Longer curtains can even make smaller spaces appear to have higher ceilings. From the outside, these sorts of window decorations make a room look furnished and complete. With all of these tips, a home is bound to feel exciting again.

3 Reasons To Hire an Interior Designer

While hiring an interior designer may seem like a luxury, it can be a good choice for any homeowner. If you are committed to turning your house into your dream home, bringing in a professional can save you money, time and stress. Here are three reasons why an interior designer might be the best choice for you.

Save Money

If you are someone who doesn’t care what the coffee table looks like as long as it holds your morning coffee, it’s probably unnecessary to bring in a designer. But if you’ve spent hours searching for the perfect table or even gone through multiple ones because nothing feels right, an interior designer can help avoid future mistakes. A professional will help keep you on budget and keep you focused. While it’s a good idea to get a feel for what you like by googling furniture San Francisco CA or wherever you live, a designer can also save you hours in research time.

Smooth Construction Process

Whether you’re gutting your entire home or just remodeling one room, an interior designer is essential in helping you see the big picture. A blank slate may be overwhelming to you, but your designer will be able to take all the elements you care about and pull them together for one cohesive aesthetic. In addition, interior designers may be able to recommend you contractors that they have worked with in the past, saving you time and headaches.

A Beautiful Space

If you spend a lot of time entertaining or are responsible for hosting your large family’s Thanksgiving, having a beautiful home is likely important to you. An interior designer will be able to make practical use of the space and help avoid common design mistakes. Your family will love spending time in a well-decorated and comfortable home of which you can be proud.

If you are ready to get started on your dream home, consider hiring an interior designer and watch your vision come to life.

Three Ways to Update Your Aging Parents’ Home

As parents grow old, it’s important to think about what they’ll need to stay comfortable in their own homes. You may be surprised to find that a few simple changes can make their house a safe place to age for many years. If your family wants to keep your parents in their own home for as long as possible, these three simple updates can make life much easier for them as you help care for their basic needs.

Install a Walk-In Tub

Falls are a major concern for the elderly, and most of these happen in or around the shower or tub. Installing walk-in tubs St. Charles can help provide peace of mind while giving your loved ones the independence to bathe on their own. These structures will also give them a place to soak aching and tired body parts without the struggle of climbing in and out of a traditional tub.

Add a Ramp to an Entrance of the House

Even if your parent isn’t wheelchair bound, steps can become a huge issue as they become older. Painful joints and trouble with balance can make even a few front porch steps challenging. Installing a ramp can make this easier, and being proactive gives you a solution if the need to use a wheelchair arises in the future. Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice curb appeal for easy access. Consider installing a ramp to the backdoor or through the attached garage if there is enough space and a paved walkway to the front of the house.

Raise Toilets and Chairs

The act of sitting can be strenuous and painful for older knees and backs. Install a higher toilet seat to make trips to the bathroom more convenient and less dangerous. If your mother or father has a favorite arm chair or recliner that’s becoming difficult for them to get in and out of, build a sturdy platform to raise it to a more accessible height.

With just a few simple changes, your loved ones can enjoy the familiarity and comforts of home without sacrificing safety.

Understanding Oil Filters

Not everyone is a car buff, which can sometimes make it difficult to make the best decision about parts and support for your vehicle. When the automotive technician starts asking you questions or recommending products, it can seem like they’re speaking another language. One common part that can seem intimidating is the oil filter. Mechanics might offer a Busch oil filter, or a Motorcraft filter, or any other array of brands. The key to picking the right oil filter is not only to know what your car needs, but also know what the filter does.

How Do Oil Filters Work

The main job of an oil filter is to keep unwanted particles out of the oil in a car. These particles are typically tiny and solid, such as dust specks or dirt pieces. Solid contaminants can lower fuel efficiency and even cause damage to other parts of the car’s machinery. Oil filters separate these particles from the oil a car uses to operate, extending the life of the oil, car, and fuel efficiency.

Choosing a Filter

There are many factors to consider when choosing an oil filter. The first is what type of filter you want. Most cars come pre-fitted with a full-flow filter, but you can also install a bypass filter, which cuts the engine out of the filtering process. How much dirt a filter can hold is also important, because it can indicate how long you are able to use it without needing to change it out. Finally, consider the design and material the filter uses to trap particles. Some filters are designed to work better with certain engine types, and some use materials specially crafted to capture more particles and keep your car running smoother longer.

Choosing an oil filter can be a difficult decision, but if you understand what a filter does and consider the features, you can pick the best oil filter for your car.

How to Choose a Quality Real Estate Agent

As you enter the home-buying market, there is a lot to consider. The first action you take is to find a qualified real estate agent. How do you know who is quality? The answer may be simpler than you think. Here are some qualities to look for in an agent.

Market Knowledge

A quality agent will have extensive market knowledge. In the United States, the median home price is around 200,000 dollars. This is a huge investment to make and one that you want to make sure you’re appropriately making. When choosing an agent, he or she should have the extensive market knowledge to help you navigate to find the best deal and the best options for tastes and budget. The best agents will know how to find a home in your budget within the Cathedral City real estate market.

Comfortable Demeanor

The agency you choose to work with should have agents who understand what you’re looking for. To buy a home is a huge financial decision. It’s better if you have an agent that shows compassion and is willing to work within your budget and within your ideas to help you choose a home that you love. You shouldn’t feel pressure to close on a house you don’t like, nor should you constantly wonder if your agent cares about your search at all. There should be open lines of communication where you can ask as many questions as you need to.

To buy a home is a big decision. As a new prospective buyer or someone who has been around a couple of times, you need to understand how important a real estate agent is to your search. He or she will be at your side every step of the way. The agent will help find you your next home. It’s important that you choose wisely.

Avoiding Unwanted Critters When Moving to a New Residence

Moving to a new home or apartment can be a wonderful event. A new residence may represent a fresh start with novel opportunities and a brand-new chapter in an individual’s life. While it may be a time of exciting beginnings, there are several things that an individual will likely not want to deal with. For example, few people want to deal with rodents or termites right after making a move. Here are a few things to look for when moving into a house to ensure that the home is free and clear of any unwanted guests.

Inspect the Residence for Termite Damage

If a home is being purchased, home inspections will likely take place. Inspections may address all sorts of issues with a home, including termites and other bugs. It may be very helpful for a home buyer to attend an inspection with a home inspector to see if there is termite damage, and if so, to what extent. Termites can devastate a property if they’re not removed properly. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be sure to have a thorough inspection of the home and keep a close eye for damage caused by termites. (Fortunately, if any critters are found, pest control companies – such as pest control services Cape Coral FL, for example –  can help!)

Ensure that Rodents are Not a Problem

It may be difficult to have a restful night’s sleep if a little rodent is creeping around the house! It may be beneficial to check to see if measures have been implemented to prevent any rodents from making a home at the residence. Additionally, it may be helpful to do some research on the area where the new house is located. Certain cities and areas could be dealing with rodent issues, and it’s important to be aware of this.

It may not be enjoyable if any critters are found at a home. However, fortunately, many issues with rodents and bugs can be fixed in a timely manner by professionals experienced in the safe removal of unwanted visitors in your new home.

Maximizing Your Kitchen Remodel

Often it is hard to save up for an entire home renovation. Many people choose to do one room at a time. When you decide that it is time to begin your home renovation Austin TX, consider starting with the kitchen.

Why Begin With the Kitchen?

The kitchen, as many people say, is the heart of the home, where the magic happens. It is often the most used room of the house and the place where most homebuyers begin their house tours. How the kitchen looks and functions is high priority.

Functional Design

Before anything else, look at the kitchen triangle, that is, where the sink, stove, and refrigerator are. You want them to be within a few steps of each other. Also think about how you use your kitchen. If there is anything that you hate about your kitchen and how it functions, now is the time to correct it.

Material Design

When it comes to materials, many people look at what is trending, like stainless steel appliances, stone countertops, subway tiles, and white cabinets. Those are all fine, but make sure you look at all the options and your needs. If you do not want the upkeep of a marble countertop but really want that look, look at solid surface options such as quartz. You want a kitchen that looks good, but also one that you will like and feel comfortable in.

You may think that updating the materials might be enough, but if your kitchen does not function well, the updated materials may not add the value you would think, and you will end up with a kitchen that still drives you crazy. If you do not have money to change the function, be aware that the updates with the materials may be a waste of money in the end.

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