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SOME THINGS TO BE BEFORE painting the walls


Do you know what you should do and prepare when you inngin painting the walls of your home? Repainting walls of the house should not be done at random. Various problems in the wall paint is often encountered as a result of the lack of proper staining procedures.

Consider the following before painting the walls, painting the walls of the house so that the results can be optimized and is not problematic in the future. The stages of workmanship painting walls of the house can also be used as a guide for those who are learning to paint the walls of their own homes.

** Stages of Wall Painting **

1: It is important to know the walls need disekrap or not. To find out, kuaskan water on the surface of the water and wait until some time. If the surface of the walls appear bubbles, then the wall should disekrap.

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Is your home a minimalist? Do you wonder if you can put a fish pond in the yard of your house? Some of the natural beauty of the most suitable to be applied at home is a fish pond in which there are the lives of marine animals accompanied by penghijau plants that can soothe the eye. Therefore, many people are making a fish pond that is placed in their home area for a pleasant place to relax.

Form of fish ponds vary greatly, but it should be considered in making a fish pond in the minimalist home as the size of the land for the pond, how big the pool to be created, and so forth, but you do not have confused because here we will discuss tips to make a fish pond in a minimalist house along with example pictures of fish pond with a variety of angles and shapes.

Things to consider in making a fish pond in a minimalist home:

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Does your home have a garden in it? Have you arrange it with a beautiful garden? Garden house is a part that is able to beautify the front of the house. Pretty garden is a dream for everyone. Function front garden indeed embellish the front side of the page. The park is not just for the big house, simple house can be combined with a beautiful garden.

The house is small indeed only has a front area that is not too wide, but at least they can be arranged into a park. So there is no reason that inhibits a garden at home, even if home is simple. Minimalist garden front of the house would be suitable for this situation.

The concept of stone and wood for the minimalist garden front of the house

There are many options for designing dynamic style garden is simple to change the look of your home. The right concept is very basic things before making the park. The concept of the park should not be much different from your home. This is the most appropriate way. For a small modest house, small house garden design one of the most suitable. The size of the park is indeed relatively small, but this does not mean cramped size and random.

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You’ve tried to put your own house door key, but sometimes difficult because it did not know how. Doors are an important part of the house, the door is the security of your home. Without intending to eliminate beauty, key installation can cause a sense of security when you are in or out of the house.

Nowadays there are various forms and famous brands, from lock to lock considering the cheap price. It’s okay to buy door locks with high prices, are suggested even buy a lock that has a national standard, a minimum requirement relating to the security of your home.

Any high price of key, but if the installation is not correct, then there is no point. Then how to install door locks that correct? Let us follow the following explanation:

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Whether you are the one who noticed the beauty and aesthetics for every existing space in your home? The bedroom is the place for you taking an indefinite total after a day through the activities that are so dense.

Therefore, the bedroom should be designed with the concept of a truly mature. Your days are hectic definitely make you tired and weary, how to decorate the bedroom there are many ways you can do. One is to add blackout curtains design with modern bedrooms and in accordance with your wishes.

In addition to controlling the bedroom lighting, curtains also serve as a tool for beauty memperkental a bedroom space. Thus the design of the bedroom curtains are very necessary to be considered. Choosing the design of the bedroom curtains is easy, adjust to the concept of the rooms were taken. For example the design of your bedroom classic theme, then choose the design of the bedroom curtains are classic as well. But do not leave the impression of modern so that your bedroom is not boring.

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Everyone will want her home safe from any theft or anything harmful, but if you’ve implemented a security system in your home? Home alarm system is a series of electronic devices associated with the frequency of the sound, temperature, and motion sensors.

The security system is also known as a burglar alarm or alarm system disorder. This device will notify you when there is an intruder who will enter your house.

Home alarm system typically consists of a control unit, receivers, keypads, sensors, dl. Some models require low voltage wiring and some are cordless. Several types of alarms are designed for one purpose only, but there is also designed as a versatile alarm. Versatile alarms can be used to detect thieves, fires, and detect the presence of carbon monoxide gas. No home alarm systems that monitor only one area in the house, and there is also monitor several zones or regions as well.

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Indonesian region is a region that has the most high level of earthquake risk among several seismic regions worldwide. Observing from a number of large earthquakes that occurred in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndonesia turns out most of the buildings in our country still do not meet the requirements for earthquake resistant buildings. Responding to it from now if we would need to build a house to design the house so resistant to earthquakes.

Earthquake resistant houses in question are building houses if:

earthquake rocked lightly, do not damage anything,
moderate earthquake rocked, only suffered damage to non-structural elements alone,
earthquake rocked a large, may experience damage to non-structural and structural elements, but the building had to remain standing and must not collapse.

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Almost every house using the glass for some parts of the house, such as a window or door. Glass is one of the important elements in buildings, both residential, shopping malls, high-rise buildings or multi-use building. Glass function, in addition to natural lighting, as well as part of the aesthetics of the building.

Actually quite diverse types of glass that can be used for buildings and residences. But among the general public, especially among the lower middle knows only clear glass, mirror glass and glass rayben. This article will explain the types of glass that can be used for the function of the building, both in terms of characteristics and in terms of strength. The introduction of types of glass is very important, that we are not wrong in choosing the type of glass that is associated with their use.

There are also other types of glass are as follows:

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Is your house door made of wood? Or made of glass? Almost all types of buildings has elements of both the doors of the house, supermarket, office buildings, and other buildings. The function of the door itself is as a media liaison from one room to another room in the house.

If related denganmodel door, the door serves as a place out of the house itself as well as to maintain the privacy of the occupants of the house, for example, the door to the bedroom and out of the bedroom. So the function of the line connecting door between rooms that are generally separated permanently. With the door to another room then access will be easier and more practical.

# Type Doors

As stated above, the door is no longer just a liaison between the living room, but the door is equipped with the latest technology and the price varies able to demonstrate the social identity of the owner of the house. Here are the types and models of door we need to know:

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If you have a porch on your house, then you should place the kind of light that can illuminate while complementing your porch. To embellish the front view of the house or what we call the terrace, there are several ways you can apply.

One of them is to choose the type of pretty lights for your home patio. Creative ideas that emerged is not limited when dealing with problems of spatial, lighting and minimalist. On this occasion, will discuss about the type of pretty lights to the front porch.

Has a beautiful terrace house lights can certainly add to the value of the beauty of a home. Because basically the front porch is the most important part and can be regarded as the face of your home, of course, everyone wants a beautiful face is not it? There are several types of lights pretty terrace for you to apply in your home. Consider the following explanation:

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